Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ralph Martire Has Wound Up Yet Another Kick in the Goodies for Illinois

“The bag of tricks is empty,” said Ralph Martire, executive director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, a union-funded fiscal watchdog group in Chicago.

Kick Illinois again,Ralph! The bag ain't near empty! Oh, Hell no! Empty don't mean done! Ralph is after Grannie and Gramps and their private pensions - It's a fairness issue.

This was last week - in SEIU's Progress Illinois. SEIU funds Ralphie and SEIU exist only because of the Tax Troughs in America.

Ralph Martire, executive director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, said the budget pitch and the cuts it foresees were predictable, given the structure of the state's tax system. "You can't lay this at the governor's feet," he said. "If you have a fiscal system that doesn't support current level of expenditures ... you've got to do something. He tried to mimimize the pain these cuts will cause. But you can't really minimize some of these cuts. They're really, really harmful." Illinois remains a relatively low-income tax state with an inefficient sales tax code, CTBA and other budget reformers have pointed out repeatedly, for years. The tax hike helped stabilize the state's fiscal outlook, but it did not resolve those two issues.
Merciful Mountebank!

Today, the media is a-ablaze with TAX Retirement! Johnny Cullerton is rowing this boat built with planks cut by Ralph Martire

Influential Senate President John Cullerton on Monday suggested the state should start taxing retirement income. Illinois does not currently tax pensions or retirement funds such as 401(k) plans, but Cullerton suggested that the idea be in the mix as part of an effort to change the state's outdated tax system.

"It would just be a matter of fairness," Cullerton, D-Chicago, told a City Club of Chicago luncheon.
Fairness - that's Ralph Code for prepare your jewels for the ride of their lives! Kick!

Cough it out, Illinois, and ice them!

Ralphie wraps every lifting of wallets in the cozy goo-goo goodness of social justice and policy. Policy in politics has given us Wisconsin.

Ralph Martire is a career tax-pirate who has helped SEIU and other public sector unions board and loot the State of Illinois. Ever since sweet old Dawn Clark Netsch and other bow-tie wearing Policy Play Actors pushed Ralph Martire's public sector union funded Center for Tax and Budget Accountability down the Golden Goose's throat with howls of Policy Human Services, Impoverished, Children, Destitute Mental Health Waifs, Teachers - Think of the Teachers People!!!!!!! Pensions and tax-larded salaries have all but destroyed the Illinois middle class.

Hold the phone! Here's an update -

UPDATE: Arne "Too Smart" Duncan, former Aussie Hoop Pro and . . . secretary of Education jut appointed Ralph "The Tax Pimp" Martire to his Equity ( again airness - What's Mine is Mine and What's Your's Is Mine - you know, Fairness) and Excellency Commission - read this BS below about Ralph - he's Martin Luther King!

Ralph wants Grannie's pension from her forty years of service with Rheem over by Damen at 74th Street and Gramps' pension from Nabisco over by Kedzie. They did not go to Cancun. They saved and cut coupons. They are the rich that Ed Schultz on MSNBC and Michael Moore are talking about - Rich means that you did not spend your savings and still have some. It is time that Policy and Social Justice make Grannie and Gramps responsible for Tina, the teenage mom of four without her GED, who needs to go to college and become a community activist; Taffy Tarington of Winnetka who was appointed to three terms on four different salaried boards and panels through six Administrations, because 'Ain't She Great' she is the Chairwoman of Ladies for Abortion and a Planned Parenthood Anti Death Penalty Activist; and for Rod Blagojevich.

Well cough up! There is plenty of untapped wealth in Illinois! Ralph is paid to say so with pie charts and easy Media access. Ralph slipped this one under Johnny Cullerton's door.

Ralph's pie chart tells us that Illinois Ain't Broke with equal gusto of Subway Slim Michael Moore who tells us that America Ain't Broke. Grannie's got a Pension! Gramps has Silver Certificates from WW II in a safe deposit box! Hickey's got quarters in a five gallon Hinkley and Schmidt jug that he stole from . . .Charlie Olson, sorry Charlie. You had three and I had none and now I have one and you still have two - it's Policy and Justice Issue.

I plan to vote against anyone of any party that has had or continues to do anything remotely suggested by Ralph Martire.

Ralph Martire: Ralph Martire is executive director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability. Mr. Martire teaches a Master's level class on education finance and fiscal policy for the University of Illinois and Roosevelt University. He has received numerous awards for his work on education policy reform, including the 2007 Champion of Freedom Award, presented by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition to individuals whose professional work embodies Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, commitment to equal educational opportunities.

And mine that of Edward Teach the Pirate!


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