Friday, March 11, 2011

Oak Lawn VFW Benefit for an American Hero -Cpl. Yuriy Zmysly USMC

Iraq - 2005

Yuriy Zmysly was born in the Ukraine, and came to this country as a teenager. He loved America and proudly enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps to fight for his new country. He bravely served two tours of duty, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. During a routine appendectomy in a military hospital, an incompetent butcher cut off the oxygen supply to Yuriy's brain, leaving him brain damaged, paralyzed and partially blind. Because of the Feres Doctrine, he and his wife Aimee cannot sue for medical malpractice, and receive no government support to pay for his astronomical living expenses. How's that for taking care of our soldiers?

Even though our government has turned their back on this patriot, that doesn't mean that we should too. I believe we owe him at least that much.

Please help support this fine young man by forwarding this email to everyone in your address book and help make this Oak Lawn mans fundraiser a huge success this coming weekend.
Huge hat tip to Chicago Firefighter Hero - Jim McMahon

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