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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

IHSA Football Quarter Finals in Class 1-A: Leo v. Ottawa Marquette

St. Laurence High School, operated by the Irish Christian Brothers will host the Class 1-A Quarter Final game between Leo and Ottawa Marquette at 2 PM on Saturday November 16, 2013.After a great Leo Family Get-Together last Saturday at St. Rita's Pat Cronin Field featuring a win by the Lions over visiting Stark County 31-20, the Lions head to Burbank for the Quarter Finals. Generations of Hogans, Mahoneys, Coopers, Paynes, Halls, Torres, Garzas, Greens, Jacksons, Sheehys and McNallys followed Jay Standring in whatever cheer, chant or taunt he could shout out.  

If you did not run into a pal that you had not seen in decades, you must have had your eyes riveted to the action on the field.  Me?  I'm a rubber-necker.  I caught up with Ernie Kelly, Bud Monaco, Marquis "Biggs" Ball, Akim Hunter,  Johnny Vasi, Bob Quick, Jack McNamara, Wally Macaulay,the Brothers Hopkins: Jack and Tom, George Spearekis, Mike Gurgone,The Brothers Finn: too numerous to name, George Newell, Coach Jack Fitzgerald, Senator Ed Maloney, Father Bill McFarland, Standrings and Earners and McElligotts Oh, My!!!!

When I was not peeling off five-spots to Canaryville's own Duke Rusty Montana (2016), whom I drove to and from the game, and who eats like he's going to the chair, I made happy re- acquaintance with old friends.  We all look exactly the way we did in 1967,'68. '69, & '70 - at least through the lens of Leo High School and parish camaraderie ( VIZ, John 'O God, Sabina's, KillYuns, Sain Nicks, Big Weed, Tommy More ( too old to fight, or just mellowed?) R Lady a Moun'Carmel, Caj-uhtins, & da res').

Come out and watch the Lion, catch the Ottawa Crusaders in its brawny paws. .St. Laurence High School 5556 W 77th St, Burbank, IL 60459(708) 458-6900

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pat Elwood's Fox 32 Coverage of Francis Cardinal George's Blessing of Leo Buses

Here's the lede

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Here's the Heart

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Here's Our Newest Video Star
back row - Mike Joyce, Kimberly Hickey, front row, Amir Holmes, Francis Cardinal George ( undefeated) and James Davis
Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Please NOTE - Mike " Pickle" Joyce, Esq. ( 10-1 Pro Boxing career) is the Leo Head Boxing Coach and bears no resemblance to Miss Kimberly Hickey* our Math Teacher and Leo Assitant Boxing Coach.

* Miss Hickey is not a relative of the this post-hole digger and has no relative in Local # 399 IUOE.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Leo High School “The LION Express To Opportunity” Safe Here & Safe Home

                             Leo Lion Sam Leno, a back of the yards kid from the Class of 1963, has crafted this great campaign to beef up Leo's ability to get Young Lions to and from school - Facta Non Verba!

“The LION Express To Opportunity

                                                               Safe Here & Safe Home

Establish a safe,
reliable, modern
school bus system
for students who
have no other
options, to get
to/from school and
home, as well as
to/from school

As the city and neighborhoods began to change, public
transportation became less reliable and less safe.
Leo High School desperately
needs our help!
Dear Leo Alumni, friends and family,
As you know, attending Leo has contributed significantly to
providing each of us a strong foundation of integrity,
discipline and sound moral values, molding us into the men
that we are today. While our backgrounds are varied, we
have all successfully transitioned from young boys to good
husbands, fathers and grandfathers. Thanks to the
commitment of the Irish Christian Brothers, as well as
countless lay-teachers, we were all blessed with the
opportunity to enjoy an outstanding education grounded in
our faith in God.
Throughout the years, most of us got to school either by
walking or riding city transportation. However, as the city
and neighborhoods began to change, public transportation
became less reliable and less safe. Many other Catholic
High Schools added their own bus transportation over the
years, but unfortunately, Leo did not. As a result of this
and other less significant factors, enrollment has decreased
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016
We are all part of an important legacy and now we have an opportunity to keep that legacy
alive by helping Leo help itself. A modern and effective transportation program will:
-- provide much improved recruiting initiatives and results by being able to expand its
geographic reach
-- increase the school’s enrollment numbers, providing increased tuition proceeds
-- provide the means for Leo leadership to address many of its other facility needs, making
the school even more desirable potentially increasing enrollment even more
The “bottom line” - This campaign “The LION Express To Opportunity
Safe Here & Safe Home will provide the money necessary to materially increase the
number and quality of its buses and become the “gift that keeps on giving!”
Many of you have been strong supporters of Leo with your donations over the years.
However, given the importance of this specific need, which is vital to the future of the school, I
am praying that each of you will join me and others who are reaping the benefits of having
attended Leo High School, in making a 1 time donation to this unique enrollment expanding
initiative. It is a meaningful way for us to "give back" and help students, much like us when
we were high school age, receive an education like no other.
from over 1200 at its peak, to about 160 today. This is sad to see,
especially when the school offers so much good and hope to young
men trying to make a difference in their lives by receiving a quality
education, excellent values and spiritual guidance.
The single most significant factor preventing Leo from increasing its
enrollment is it’s inability to compete with other Catholic High Schools
that do supply transportation to students who have no other means of
getting to/from home and school, as well as to/from student events.
Leo has as much to offer its young impressionable students today as it did when we all
attended, but the single biggest concern expressed by the parents of prospective students is the
need for the school to supply safe, reliable transportation for their children.
In spite of its transportation limitations, Leo has been successful at recruiting many outstanding
students and student athletes who excel and compete successfully against much larger schools,
both Public and Catholic. Imagine how much more successful they could be if they could
enhance their recruiting efforts through a vital transportation program?
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2016
Alumni Quote
Here are some of the specifics:
“The LION Express To Opportunity
Safe Here & Safe Home
O Goal: Establish a safe, reliable, modern
school bus system for students who have no
other transportation options, to get to/from
school and home, as well as to/from school
O Needs: 2 large school buses and 3 to 4
O Why: Materially improve new student
recruiting initiatives and significantly expand
the size of Leo’s student body every year.
O How: Create a targeted and highly visible
“special campaign” by soliciting 1 time
donations from Alumni and “Friends of Leo
High School”
O Target: Raise $300,000
O When: over the next 30 days
O Involvement: Alumni, student body
and key faculty members
“Looking back retrospectively at
the foundational experience
provided by Leo and the Irish
Christian Brothers, my high
school experience played a
pivotal role in molding me into a
better human being in almost
every respect. The education,
values and discipline instilled by
brothers Sloan, McCabe, Beyer,
McDermott, Acker, Miller, Shea,
Nash, Martin, Coogan,
Castellanos, McDonough,
McKenna, Ryan and the other lay
teachers, taught me how to make
a meaningful difference in my life
and expand my experiences well
beyond the South Side of
Chicago. The Leo experience
helped me become and be a
better Naval Officer, a more
effective businessman, a better
father and husband.”

The school has created a separate bank account for
these donations to ensure that all donations are used for
the explicit purpose of creating a small fleet of student
buses as described above. If you’d like discuss this
initiative or receive any additional information, please
call (773) 224-9600 and ask to speak with either Dan
McGrath, President of Leo High School, or Pat Hickey in
the Development Office.
We will keep all of you informed of the success of this
program by posting updated results at the Leo Website:
Please make your donation checks payable to:
Leo High School – The Lion Express to Opportunity
Mail your donations to:
Leo High School
Attention: Dan McGrath, President
7901 S. Sangamon St.
Chicago, IL 60620
No matter how much you are able to give, Leo
will benefit greatly from your sincere generosity!
Gratefully yours,


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leo High School Football Schedule 2012

It's Fall in Chicago, well almost.  It is time for the Leo Lions -Orange and Black terrors of the gridiron, brawny stalwarts all,  to take the field!  It is time to move pigskin ellipsoid over the goal-lines of foes!  That means it is time for my phone in the Alumni/Development cubicle to flash red with messages!

" When are you gonna send out the #$%^^&^ athletic schedules?"

As they have yet to return from the printers, I have been helped by Leo Alumnus Dan Moss who googled the Football Schedule off of the IHSA site.  I have been far too pre-occupied with my new CVS hand-sanitizer (32Fl.oz.) and driving duties delivering the Bronzeville/Canaryville crowd to Leo High School -my thoughts are less than at their usual  razor-honed and articulated state of readiness.

We open Friday Night at St. Laurence High School -

The Freshman at 5 PM

Varsity at & 7:30PM
N.B. We have an op-en date on the week of September 15, 2012.  We will notify you of the changes.


Leo Football Schedule 2012



Burbank (St. Laurence)

Chicago (Hales Franciscan)

Chicago (St. Ignatius College Prep)
Univ. of Chicago
Washington (Friendship Academy), DC

Gately Stadium
Westchester (St. Joseph)
Stagg Stadium

Chicago (Gordon Tech)
Kankakee (McNamara)

Chicago (Brother Rice)
St. Xavier

Saturday, May 19, 2012

His Eminence Francis Cardinal George's Leo High School Visit May 11th 2012

 Cardinal George and Father Daniel Flens arrived at Leo HS at 9:30 AM met by a jowly employee of the archdiocese and Mr. Jeremy Clark of the Sophomore Class
 After a visit to the Chapel of Leo High School His Eminence met the Leo dignitaries (L-R)Tamara Holder Leo Board, Alum Ben Nowakowski, Leo Board President Bob Sheehy and legendary Alumnus and legendary teacher/coach Bill Hessian
Cardinal George immediately thanked Jack Schaller Leo '43 for his gracious welcome and fabulous lunch at Schaller's Pump on March 1st.
 The Cardinal had the rapt attention of every Leo Man with his remarks and blessing
 The Cardinal was made a Leo Alumnus and Letterman
Tamara Holder showed His Eminence the past Principals and Leo Students of the Month

I will post more photos from this glorious day in Leo History:

The Cardinals talk to the student Body
The Alumni Presentations by President Emeritus Rich Furlong and the induction of Francis Cardinal George by Leo President Dan McGrath and Bob Sheehy to the Leo Lettermen ( traditionally known as Monogram Society) Club.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Leo High School Welcomes Francis Cardinal George!

Today, at 9:30 A.M. Chicago Archbishop Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I. will arrive at Leo High School. Cardinal George is the first Chicago Archbishop to visit Leo High School since 1926, when George Cardinal Mundelien dedicated this great school.

The Leo Students, Leo Alumni, Parents, Board Members, Benfactors, Staff and Chicago Police and Fire Department heroes and our neighbors will greet His Eminence and celebrate this school's dedication and commitment to Catholic Education and Chicago culture.  Five Leo students will escort His Eminence into the school and the Leo Board Room to meet the school leadership.

Cardinal George will bless this school and all of the people who have contributed to its vitality, growth and service to young men.

Thank you, Your Eminence, for your leadership and commitment to the Faith and Families of Chicago and especially for your visit here today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Watch CBS Channel 2 - 6 Time IHSA Track Champs Leo High School Practicing on Leo's All Weather Track on the 2nd & 3rd Floors of Leo High School

After a spirited Leo Advisory Board meeting, a trip to Greek Town's Pegasus Restaurant for octopus salad with an absolutely splendid woman, a sinkful of my son's post-shift skillets and sauce pans detritus awaiting Old Dad's pot-walloping, a sound sleep and an earlier than usual rising to the day, I am about to head over to the hallowed halls of Leo High School welcome the crew of Channel 2 CBS.

This morning at 4:00 AM, or there abouts, Chicago's CBS will arrive to film and interview Coach Ed Adams and the sprinters, hurdlers, harriers and weight men of six time IHSA Track Champions Leo High School. President Dan McGrath and I will be around to sic and fetch.

The first teasre shot goes off on Channel 2 News at 5:15 AM and the feature will broadcast all morning.

This legendary school is the Alma Mater to many of the Midwest's most successful and giving leaders in every vocation: Bishop John Gorman, philanthropist Tom Owens, Chrystler Magnate Bill Koloseike, retired Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court Tom Fitzgerald, one of the men who turned Egypt's economy around in the 1970's Frank Considine, ubiquitous civic, sport, religious, business and educational leader Andy McKenna, Boeing leader General George Muellner, U of I Educator Dr. Stafford Hood, Middleweight boxing pro Irish John Collins, Heavyweight boxing pro Thomas Hayes, Leo Coach Mike Holmes, Chicago Bulls execitive Curtis Cooper, Elevator Magnate Ken Mason, Comics, John Caponera, Bill Campbell, Kenny Howell and the great Paul Kelly, NFL stand-out Jason Jefferson, Leo Lion Bob Foster, attorneys of the damned Tom Durkin and Joe Power and Fathers Tom Mescall, John Sullivan and Bubbles McFarland.

Leo is not only the only Catholic school to win any track title in Illinois history, but also the only private school to so -and six times at that. Leo has no track.
Since 1926, Leo Track men have run, hurdled and vaulted on the marble floors of Leo High School's 2nd and third floors - not to mention the very vertical four floors of stairs recalled by every disciple of Brother O'Keefe, Brother Coogan, Brother Finch, Jimmy Arneberg, Bob Foster,Tom 'Malley, Jack Fitzgerald, Mike Holmes and Ed Adams. Walking them is a bitch and half, for this old fat boy. Sprinting them is the gradus to greatness.

Turn on tube this morning and watch some splendid young men work to beat the world.

I'll post the video, meself, ASAP.

Now, to 7/11 and on to Leo!

There had better not be a thing in the sink when I return, or I'll do them again. I mean it!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Men of Leo Boxing - Faith, Pride, Work, and Success

Mike Joyce and the boxing men of Leo Catholic High School.
Located on the southside of Chicago this school has been a safe and supportive place for young men to get a quality education for 86 years. © a bob milkovich short

Film & Animation

milkovich Photograpahy leo catholic high school
Standard YouTube License

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warren Buffett! Warren! Mr. Buffett, Over Here! What Leo High School Could Do With Some Stimulus Money; Why Wait For a Tax.

"My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress," Mr. Buffett argued forcefully in a New York Times op-ed. "It's time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice." Wall Street Journal

Mr. Buffet! Over here. Mr. Buffett, no one gets coddled on 79th Street in Chicago.

Mr. Warren Buffett can not wait to be taxed heavily for being a very wealthy man. He and Bill Gates are two self-made men of the Horatio Alger Stripe. Bill Gates established the Gates Millennium Scholars one of whom is a Leo High School graduate of the Class of 2011 - Eder Cruz.

As a Gates Millennium Scholar, Eder Cruz can go to the college of choice, Valparaiso University in Indiana, and go on to any post-graduate work he chooses. Leo High School prepared Eder Cruz and afforded that fine, tough and thoughtful young man to be so blessed. Leo Alumni helped Eder's family meet the cost of the tuition here at Leo High School. Shared sacrifice is the path to success along with old Alger-ian Luck and Pluck.

Eder Cruz has pluck aplenty. He was the only non-African American in the student body for two of his three years at Leo. Eder chose Leo High School, following a disappointing freshman year at the Jesuit run Christo Rey College Prep in Pilsen - a school founded in the 1990's to serve Latinos. Eder chose Leo High School which was established to serve the Largely Irish Catholic neighborhood of Gresham in the 1920's. The Irish, Polish, Lithuanian, Italian and Croatian Catholics Alumni are still with Leo, physically present at every school event and overwhelmingly the pillar of this inner city school's finances. Between October 2010 and June 30,2011 Leo Graduates from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's 80's and the 90's supported Leo, a school of 150 inner city young men to tune of $ 846,000 and change.

Eder Cruz was Lucky to be taught and mentored by Ms. Aurora Latifi, an Albanian immigrant Math teacher here at Leo High School. It was Ms. Latifi who pushed Eder Cruz to apply for the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Luck and Pluck.

As some of you may have heard, the American economy has been less than robust since 2008. America's credit rating has been downgraded to AA. Nevertheless, the graduates of Leo High School Class of 2011 all are going to college across America.

Tuition drives Catholic education. In this economy, that drive is very bumpy. Tuition at Leo High School is $ 7,250, one of the lowest of all Catholic high schools. Most families apply or financial assistance. I venture to say that no family is a six figure family. Our five figure families annual income range sits between $ 15, 244 and $ 51, 763. Having one son attend Leo is challenge; have two or more is a financial crucifixion.

Most families opt to divvy up the full nut of tuition and pay, for one child $ 659 a month. That is a very low rent on a one bedroom apartment in Chicago.

We also are required to pay the staff, by the way. Aside from Mr. One Way Hickey, I venture to say that no teacher or coach makes anywhere near a princely stipend every two weeks and if that staff has a family must pay into the group Medical, retirement, the Fed, State and Medicare.

Without Catholic heroes like Chicago's Big Shoulders Fund, the Leo Alumni and our many friends of private and corporate Chicago, things would be much tougher.

Leo High School prepares young men.

Last week Warren Buffet challenged President Obama to tax the super rich like himself.

Here's a challenge, Mr. Buffet. Invest in Leo High School. I have been asking Oprah to help since 1995. We have been doing a great job without a Superstar Sponsor; imagine what the young men from the toughest neighborhoods and financial challenges in Chicago could do with a little stimulus dough? Hold the phone!

Leo High School will always be a working man's, lunch bucket high school. It is not St. Ignatius College Prep, nor is it a Whitney Young. No young man is turned away. The Leo Alumni, or the Big Shoulders Fund's Jim O'Connor will find a way to get the money to help.

This educational product is time tested. Some of the lunch bucket sons of Leo went on to become the Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court - Tom Fitzgerald, or leaders of the Church like Bishop John Gorman, heroic and legendary firefighters like retired Chicago Fire Commissioner James Joyce, or Superintendent of Chicago Police -, the late James Conlisk, captains of commerce like African American Food Industry CEO Michael Thompson, and Chicago philanthropists and CEOs Frank Considine, Bill Kay, Andy McKenna and Don Flynn.

Warren Buffet and other great Americans should not wait for America to tax them; they should join the ranks of the Lions who continue to invest in young men who want to succeed.

Leo High School costs Warren Buffet not nickel one. We get no tax dollars. If Mr. Buffet wants to invest his surplus capital.

Write a Magnificent Check out to Leo High School and send it care of Dan McGrath, President for Institutional Advancement at

Leo High School
7901 S. Sangamon Street
Chicago, IL 60620

This will be a stimulus that will not go to waste. If you wish to chew me out for my presumption give me a growl at

Pat Hickey -Development Director
(773) 224-9600 ex. 208

Mr. Buffett, or any other captain of industry with surplus capital, let's make medicine!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CPS May Very Well Strike; Leo High School Treats Kids Right!

Here is the Map of Success - 2011 Leo Grads are going to school all over America!

When asked by (WLS AM Bill)Cameron whether the conditions were ripe for a strike this year, she (Teachers Union President Karen Lewis)said: “I think it’s very high. Because people are very upset and people feel disrespected.”
Chicagoist 8/15/2011 ( parentheses my own)

Earlier in the piece we find this, "she (Lewis) did not predict that teachers will ultimately go on strike, only that the probability is high that members will call for a strike vote." What's the deal? Will teachers be going on strike any time soon?"

Leo High School opens this week, but we have on-going registration. Leo High School is a Catholic college preparatory high school, often called a "pay school" by families more familiar with public education. There is tuition. Tuition is a covenant between the school and the family of the student. Picking up a financial obligation the family is assured that their student will have an opportunity to succeed in academics, participate in a glorious athletic program, be treated with attention to the student's needs. To help families meet their end of the covenant, there are thousands of Leo Alumni and the Big Shoulders Fund - a Catholic foundation dedicated solely to helping inner city families get a great Catholic education.

Leo High School had a great year last year.

1. 100% college placement

2. Leo graduates received hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships

3. Leo families were helped by Leo Alumni, private and corporate foundations and generous individuals to the tune of $ 840,000

4. Leo tested and registered the largest incoming class of freshmen in twelve years, including white and Hispanic students

5. Leo 2011 graduate Eder Cruz was named a Gates Millenium Scholar

6. Leo's Track team won its sixth IHSA State Championship - Leo is the only non-public high school to win the IHSA Track Title in its 115 year history and Leo Captured Titles in both Class A and Class AA

The probability is high that Chicago Teachers Union will vote for a strike. Leo High School and all other Catholic schools will open this month an get down to the business of helping students.

Enroll, now. If you think that tuition is costly, imagine what a morale challenged public school faculty might cost your child. Leo High School has not been disrupted by violence in the school. The police officers of Gresham Sixth District only have come to the school to correct problems outside of the school that might impact on the safety of our Leo Men. The business of Leo High School is all about the student.

In fact, all summer long students have popped in to visit and ask for summer reading ideas from President Dan McGrath, chat with Principal Phil Mesina and learn some great study skills from Leo's Vice president and Gunny Mr. Frank Wilson, USMC, lift weights, shoot hoops, box in the Leo facility run by Mike Joyce, snitch candy from the Ms. Adams and Ms. Hemp in the office and pay Mrs. Townsend parcels of tuition, while Mom and Dad were at work.

Mike Holmes, Leo Director of Admissions and Leo Alumnus Mike Anderson have brought in many families seeking help for their sons who having a difficult time at other schools, or are concerned about meeting the costs of tuition.

Here is a transcript of a message left on my voice mail -" This is Pat Nolan, Class of '51. It was great seeing you guys at the Leo Golf outing. I'm sending my 21st Century (Spring Mailing) with my gift. I was little late in getting it in the mail. I hope all is well at Leo."

Pat Nolan and hundreds of other Leo Men have the kids who were here all summer, even though school was out, on their minds and in their hearts.

The teachers have been back since last week. The Maintenance( Ron Reynolds, James Crawford and Derrick De Berry) men have the place looking great. These gentlemen are solid gentlemen and great role models who do as much teaching throughout the day than many people calling themselves educators that I have encountered. They teach pride by example and respect for every task.

No Strike - Leo Treats Families Right. Take a look at the Leo High School Website

Call Mr. Mike Holmes here at Leo ( 773) 224-9600 and arrange a sit-down with any or all of us. Pop in for a visit even when school starts. Our students are our best reflection of the Leo Brand.

Leo High School
7901 S.Sangamon Street
Chicago, IL 60620

Open for business every year since 1926 - business is good!

Facta Non Verba! Deeds not Words!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Keith Jarrett's "Danny Boy" - A Poignant Sense of Loss from a Giving Man

Ecstasy seems to be Jarrett’s identity: not only “follow your bliss” but “here, have a taste of mine!”

He’s one of the greatest storytellers we have!

As an actor I know a little about the subject of leading an audience through a tale of … mystery … and adventure … and … well … yes LOVE.

Is there a more sacred love song in the world than Danny Boy?

My adopted son, Floyd, just lost one of his sons today in a Toronto shooting.

Black on black vengeance.

To me the piercing truth of Jarrett’s rendering of Danny Boy has the agonies of profound loss in them, losses like that of my son.

Within all that pain, the beauty of existence is never more intense. The half-note interval tensions that drift … yes, mysteriously appear and disappear in his harmonies.

Speaking of “never more” … the “nevermore” of life and its fragility … and knowing how a great artist can literally force us to realize just how exquisite is God’s gift to us.Life!

How brief.

How divinely painful.

Bill Evans, one of the most influential jazz pianist of our time, performs Danny Boy in a much higher register … and … as lovely as his version may be … it carries none of the weight of Jarrett’s.


The stated key, at the very opening, tells us how profoundly serious Keith Jarrett is about Life in general.

The very last chorus of Jarrett’s Danny Boy leads to a brief quintessence of devastating harmonies, tensions that are at once divinely painful yet so deliriously inevitable. You know that this entire call to Danny Boy strikes at the very heart of our impermanence.

It ends with an allusion to the sacred plagal cadence, that all familiar ending to a choir hymn. Only an allusion, however.
Michael Moriarty, Actor, Jazz Musician, Journalist,Composer and Defender of the Unborn.

Today, Leo Alumni, Veterans of America's Wars, a living Medal of Honor recipient, and citizens will re-dedicate the gravesite of Cpl. John Fardy, USMC, a Leo graduate and Medal of Honor hero.

Click my post tite