Wednesday, February 20, 2008

John McCain:MSNBC's Whiney Old Woman Keith Olbermann & Ancient Non-History

'I will Be Heard! I'm Serious! I throw Paper and Woe Betide the Target of my Wrath! My Earl Grey! Breaking News! Breaking News! It is to be here upon arrival!'

'So anyway, the payoff is, Mr. President, now get this . . . Olbermann . . . is a guy! A Young Guy! . . . Yeah, I know.'

7:30 PM - Wed. February 20, 2008 - I will always remember where I was when Keith Olbermann broke this story - after the New York Times broke it and ran with it about three months after they broke it -in the basement putting away the laundry. My daughter Clare was tossing in another load after a suffering a crushing Volleyball defeat at the hands of St. Bede the Venerable.

My daughter Clare was yelling at me, 'Get more Extra ( laundry soap) when you go to County Fair ( family owned neighborhood grocery store)!!!' - but I could not hear her over Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's Inner Fat Boy in residence and Old Woman( you know - really smart and gifted, surly, kills pet turtles, bites bubbles in the bathtub and such) .

Keith Olbermann is a person that St. Francis of Assisi would leave the side of dying leper, pass up a flock of baby lambs caught in brambles, cross a fiery desert's sands barefoot just to kick his ass. Some folks like that. MSNBC has a huge pen of those pigs.

'This harkens to the Bill Clinton affair - it does - the erie sounds of the words of McCain aides. How will he answer this? How?' Howled the pampered pet doily and lace Old Woman. Both of his guests brushed off the story as old hat and so what. Keith needed a paper bag! He had the Miseries and the Vapors!

In my part of the south side of Chicago, very familiar to Barack Obama, as he spent a great deal of time here in the 19th Ward, a male of chronological years consistent with adulthood, who somehow develops without any capacity to ever Man Up; who harps on the same theme over and over again; bad mouths his betters with rock-solid passive aggression continues to be called an 'Old Woman.' Keith Olbermann is an Old Woman with lungs but no prospects.

'Dad! Get Extra! The Blue Jug and not the White!' Clare yelled from six feet away.

'I'm sorry honey! I couldn't hear you - the geek with the trick hair and puss like a bag of belly buttons was shouting to Jon Alter and Pat Buchanan that John McCain is in the trick bag.'

'Why do you watch that jerk?'

'Why do you watch Raven and Zack and Cody?'

'Dad! Get Extra in the Blue jug and not the white. My school shirts smell like your clothes.'

'Can't have that!'

Jesus! Keith, You Poor Old Woman, I'm Ignoring you. Well, what the hell, so is every one else.

Kids. The New York Times piece - four pages of eight year old non-story is linked above. Click my post title.

Read the Times piece; ignore Oldbermann; listen to your children. It's all about the children


colecurtis said...

That's right Mistah Pat it is all about the kids because that is what it all comes down to in the end...the kids. That is what makes all of the crap worth putting up with at the end of the day, the kids. They look to us now but one day the tables will be turned and that is who we will look to in our later years. Great piece as always Mistah Pat

Anonymous said...

People need to realize that
this sort of thing (the NY Times yellow journalism piece on McCain)ought to be condemned by every person and every candidate, because if it can happen to McCain it can happen to THEIR candidate too. They need to keep this in mind and condemn it across the board.

Larry W. Phillips

Liam Hodder said...

I agree that the NYT's story has about as much meat on it as a skeleton at a buzzard's birthday party but I find McCain's denials somewhat lacklustre. There's no passion, no anger in him about what after all is a blatant smear. He strikes me like a guy hoping for the best rather than an innocent man defending his honour. He's too bloody bloodless. His staff on the other hand are feisty and in-your-face indignant and communicate a genuine belief in his innocence. For someone like me who fervently hopes for a GOP Administration next January this disconnect is troubling.

My not inconsiderable gut tells me that, though Mac might or might not have something to hide re Vicki Iseman, there are one or two skeletons not quite picked clean by those buzzards that could start tumbling out of his closet any day now.

Maybe Mitt Romney should start repolishing his stump speech, just in case.

pathickey said...

Liam a Cara, Be not afraid!

John McCain will be fine. Take a look at who is fiercely against the man - those are just the very people that I would hope would have a low opinion of me and how I live my life.

Actually they already do - but then I am a voter of little consequence - until they start adding them up!

Keep Hope Alive, Liam!

liamascorcaigh said...

I expand on my comment above on my 'Chris Matthews other Leg' blog. Plus some interesting pics of Hillary just to stay topical.