Saturday, February 02, 2008

John McCain: Illinois Shows the Love!

Leo Boxing Coach/attorney/legendary philanthropist Mike Joyce and President McCain
( Mike's in the sharp grey wool sportcoat)

Illinois Rep. Jim Durkin with John McCain's much better looking half.

Illinois shows John McCain some of its support and a healthy heaping of its love!

Last Night Illinois got behind Illinois State Representative Jim Durkin to show Senator John McCain their support! Big crowd and bigger hearts and hands!

Photos Copyright Heather Brand


colecurtis said...

Great Pic's Mistah Pat and quite a crowd. How many folks showed up there? Do you have any idea as too the count Mistah Pat?

pathickey said...

I'd be lying if I told you! Pretty thick crowd including former Romnery GOP heavyweights, according to Mike.

He had a full fifteen minutes with the next President of the United States.

Sorry to have missed that one.