Wednesday, February 06, 2008

John MCain:John Kass Chicago's Best Voice in Journalism

I've had beefs with John Kass. Heavens.

'Hickey thinks ill of my positions, I sha'nt sleep!'

How a political hors d'ourve, like Angelo Torres, or a main course like George Ryan gets gutted by John Kass's prosaic saw-knife has bumped my ire at times. I believe that friends in need - people who have displayed genuine kindness or concern in personal matters - must and should have my public support. Judy Topinka, nice enough woman, lost me when she ditched Ryan when he became political plutonium along with too many others.
That should not be done.

My greatest level of affection for Harry Truman is rooted in his attendence at Kansas City Political Machine Boss Tom Prendergast's funeral. Harry did not give a good God Damn about the consequences. That is also why I gravitate to John McCain.

John Kass has a job to do and that is to report, comment upon and pound home to readers violations of the public trust. Kass does that well.

Today, John Kass gives a brilliant insight to the McCain Victories in the Super Tuesday Primaries - Here in Illinois, McCain dominated. Illinois people gravitate to people who are good people. John Kass has penchant for knoting some good people into a political construct he calls 'The Combine.' I am too simple for that. I see people as I meet them and encounter their actions for other people. Kass is brilliant and I tend to be a dope. He's smarting me up some though. He may smarten up some really sophisticated people who think and live in doctrinaire cocoons. He might smarten them up enough to devlop a point of view that meets and encounters actions performed by a Man like John McCain for all Americans.

Here's a morsel of some great prose by Kass from today's John McCain piece:

Conservatives can't move forward until they figure out where they stand. And that battle, to define conservatism, is where all this anti-McCain vitriol erupts from.

Conservatives limp along, a disorganized movement, in part because they supported President Bush, who was not a conservative, yet was made one by the party mouthpieces. And, yes, I drank the Kool-Aid too.

Eat some more!
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colecurtis said...

Bravo Mistah Pat as usual an impeccable blog that is rich in truth and thought and deep in intellect that you claim to have none of which of course I see through. Mac may need to consider Kass or maybe dare I say Hickey as his Veep for his term in the Whitehouse.