Friday, February 22, 2008

John McCain: New York Times got Nothing??!!! Zero - Nothing on Page One? Old Woman and Dad and Lad Talk it up on MSNBC - The Tool Shed

I had No Idea that the JO of MSNBC Keef Olderwoman was referred to by his fan as KAYO - Well, ain't that something.

Rachel Maddow of Air America comforts Keith Olbermann outside of 30 Rock after belaboring the New York Times Pooch Screwing.

John McCain has enemies. Who don't. I got small inconsequential enemies - deadlines, bills, people who drive and pass in and from the right lane. No vast conspiracies or confederacies of dunces in league against this average mope, because like you, dear reader, - both of you - I lead a life of quiet desperation.

My arch-enemies are tree roots in the sewer pipes and the kid at Fat Tommy's Hot Dogs who gives my coupons for two a real Homeland Security Going Over - jerk.

John McCain, a National Hero and the next President of United States has enemies coming at him like fat kids to free cake. Politics will do that.

Last night, MSNBC - The Tool Shed: More Tools Than Sears Outlet; Brought to You by GE!- worked John McCain over. 'It is his cloaking himself in his mantle of purity that will be his undoing.' The Feds still charge for that one? I learned via a poster whom I deleted for excessive profanity and bed-bug logic that Keith Olbermann is KAYO to his score of national fans. Another consonant might precede the O, but that is just me - and I am bad.

The Old Woman, JO, or Kayo persisted in bringing up intimations of a sexual liason between John McCain and the eye candy lobbyist. Kayo has issues best left unillustrated.

Not so John McCain - to those who would charge him with self-piety and therefore deserving of a greater fall than Adam, Here is John McCain about himself.

The Old Woman, Keith Olbermann and his pal Rachel Madcow, or Maddow, gleefully talked up future flytraps for McCain. Then Right after MELTDOWN with KAYO, Pencil-neck Nebbish Dan Abrams trotted out his Dad, Floyd Abrams - the lawyer who blew the challenge to McCain -Feingold and, no fan of John McCain he, tried to paint McCain as smug and arrogant - ( BTW- Dan Abrams! Did your Daddy do some influence peddling to get you hooked up in TV/ He was a Network lawyer - You did not do full disclosure Danny boy! Daddo had history with John McCain over McCain/Feingold!)

Calvin Woodward wrote a great piecee for before the New Hampshire Primary that belies any charge of McCain being anything than a straight-talking and honest man. Imagine Kayo at an American Legion or Parish Fish Fry and connecting with someone's knuckles? Very strong possiblity. Or MSNBC's Dad and Lad, Dan and Floyd Abrams whinning to get 'first chair' at Giovanni's barber shop on 111th Street? John McCain happens to be very much like most Americans. McCain is one of us. Arrogant? Naw, McCain's not on Cable News. Here's McCain:

Who else would refer to the Arizona retirement community of Leisure World as "Seizure World," as he did in his first Senate campaign? Just for fun, out loud? He couldn't help himself. (He won anyway.)
Consider McCain's life as a series of impolitic one-liners, each one illuminating complex threads of the past.

He's had a line for everything and everyone — those he tormented at the Naval Academy as a n'er-do-well midshipman, those who tortured him in Vietnam, his legion of friends and foes in the capital, the "little jerks" he ribbed in a campaign crowd, an "idiot" reporter, his own ego and, these days, his advancing age — 70.

McCain, "the Punk" in high school, has plenty of targets and none more tempting than himself.

It's a quality that sets him apart in the carefully staged presidential race, a replay of sorts of his Navy academy daze. Then as now, McCain verged on flunking out but pulled himself together in the nick of time. He's gone from chump to hero before, and he's trying again.

Then there is today's front page of the New York Times - Nothing! They got a 'ask our reporters' cop-out and new new earth shattering developments. Pathetic, small and cowardly os the New York Times. MSNBC is just a laugh riot of cartoon characters playing at Pundit.

John McCain has enemies: World Islamist Terror, a stagnant economy, and a spineless national news media for generations of history challenged Americans. The caliber of McCain's political enemies is collectively small, self-absorbed, puffed up,cowardly, but it seems no real threat. John McCain will chew through their flabby asses, gnaw on their bones and take the Oath of Office next January.


colecurtis said...

Right on Mistah Pat they are a bunch of vultures that set around and wait to prey on others misfortune or in The New York Times case try to create Mac's misfortune but HA!HA! it didn't work you bunch of A-holes. I don't know about the consonant part for Kayo I believe that is too nice. I was thinking more along the lines of hemorrhoids or a boil. Take your pick but either one of them is a pain in the rear and I think also best describes both MSNBC and The New York Times.

colecurtis said...

Hey Mistah Pat I saw also yesterday where I think that it was the AP(I am not sure)have already inducted Momma Mac into a wives been cheated on club what do you think? They said that she was a stand by her man kinnda gal regardless of what he has done I don't see Miss Cindy like that do you? I see her standing by her man don't get me wrong but I don't see her putting up with being cheated on and then humiliated in the public arena do you? I know if it was me there would be some interviews going on alright with my divorce attorney. I am so sick of these blood suckers that are making a living off of creating stories at other peoples expense via wrecking their lives. I sent an email to The New York times and told them exactly what I thought and that I was cancelling my online subscription with them. i told them that they met get a few more viewers on this story but they would lose in the long run by way of subscriptions.