Tuesday, February 05, 2008

John McCain: Votes at Precinct 23 of the 19th Ward -Chicago, IL

Without a hitch, voting began promptly at 6:00 AM. Though Frank Noonan and I arrived well before the open at the Quaker Meeting House at 10749 S. Artesian, Mike Regan and his lovely bride were the first to cast ballots - Regan must have come up through the floor. He is a Plumber and Leo Almnus of grit, intelligence and good sense.

There were twenty other voters lined up behind Frank Noonan and me and more coming in. This indicates that once again the 19th Ward will have a record turn-out! Well done!

I cast my vote for John McCain and his slate of delgates,including my daughter Nora Kathleen Hickey of whom I am very proud, as well as for Dr. Sauerberg for U.S. Senate. I also voted for a great guy, Pat Guest to 19th Ward GOP Committeeman; Pat is a brilliant and thoughtful former Democrat who will breathe life into the moribund GOP in my neighborhood. There were other races,but I'll palm them.

Vote Folks! It's that important!

Click my post title for a history of my support for John McCain

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