Sunday, February 03, 2008

John McCain: The McCain Coalition - To Mark Levin: Jackie Gleason is the Great One

Somebody tell that goof that Jackie Gleason is the Great One!

Above are some great Heather Brand photos of Friday Night's John McCain Rally in Villa Park, Illinois.

Now down to some straight talk.

A goof calling himself The Great One - That was Jackie Gleason, Cupcake! - objects to the McCain Coalition. Object away, son, this train has left the station and is roaring toward the White House - flat out!

For years American voters have been snowed by blow-hards and loudmouths with bully platforms about 'the issues,' 'substance,' and 'true principles.' One Man, who is a career public service professional - military and government - has done what no other political trimmer is capable of doing. John McCain speaks directly to each American. Sometimes the conversation does not always go without some bumps and grinds, but neither does real life.

Television, radio, and print journalism is not real life. One Chicago newspaper is cork-screwing into the ground, because its spin on the news does not reflect real life in Chicago. Rush and his Rush-lite surrogates have been blubbering for months about the dangers of John McCain - to whom ? - and the voters are flocking to his straight talk.

John McCain ditched the professional pollsters who drive campaigns - McCain got out in the streets and townhalls and met voters, many of whom listened to Rush and blubbered his script back at Mccain. John McCain invited criticism and welcomed their concerns and embraced their fears. Now, many people who have heard straight talk for the first time, are voting for John McCain.

Imagine, a Presidency without the usual rhetoric and actual accomplishments and significant changes instead? Maybe America will have an age of common sense for the Common Good - the sick, elderly and children actually cared for; teachers educating kids, instead of educators teaching excuses; government services being delivered to those who actually need them; a Justice department free of politics; a military capably supported by a genuine Commander in Chief; a foreign policy guided by American interests, and an economy that progresses with the efforts of American workers and not over their backs? That possibity Must scare the hell out of Levin, Rush, Scarborough and their acolytes. It well should, because it is on the way!

Click my post title for a young guy named Andrew Jones who writes a great piece called the McCain Coalition. This kid is on to great things.

To Mark Levin - the Great One is Jackie Gleason. Orson Welles, a pretty talented guy gave him that handle; You call yourself the 'Great One' - that is kind of like a three year old boy who tells every one 'I'm Batman!' Cute in a little guy, but something no great one would allow.


colecurtis said...

I must agree to disagree Mistah Pat to a certain extent. I agree that the great one in earthly form was and will continue to be Jackie Gleason in showbiz, in crooners Frank Sinatra,in the afterbirth, rebirth and reinventing of themselves department that would go to Mitt Romney. In our Presidential candidacy that would be Senator John McCain. Now when it comes to the great one in terms of Bug-eyed Blowhards that would be Tim Russert and when it comes to the great one in the Albino World well that would be a draw between the front runners Hugh Hewitt and Milkey Matthews and The Knights of Malta.When we are talking about the great ones in biased coverage of this Presidential campaign coverage well that would be all media coverage in total.When it comes to the great one in terms of windbags that would be between Rush Limbaugh and the rest of those gasbags on talk radio.When it comes to the great one overseeing us all and who sacrificed more than we could ever covcieve that would be the greatest one of all our Lord God Almighty.

pathickey said...

As Father John Gavin O.S.A. taught me in 1966 -

Initio Sapientiae Timor Domani Est!

which Father Gavin translated to -

'God's Got the Reach, Tough Guy!'

To which Father Gavin also - gave me this life changing question and answer-

'Hickey, You know how you always are?'

'Yes, Father.'

'Don't be that way.'

Andrew Jones said...

I thank you very much for that, however I do want to clear one thing up. The particular post everyone seems to love so much was EDITED and APPROVED of by me, but written by my co-author Michael Hilburn. I wish I could take total credit for it, but it was his writing. I'm sure he will be my speech writer when I run for office, but right now, he still should get credit for what he writes. LOL
-Andrew Jones

colecurtis said...

I will forgive your youth for the Chuck Norris flaw but other than that I see a bright future for you young man and I feel that our future will be secure in your hands. Onward and Upward.