Thursday, February 28, 2008

John McCain: New York Times Readings by Willie Cunningham Delight McCain Foes

'Panama's Where Them Hats is From! Yeah, I'as In 'Nam (110 Reade St
New York, NY)had dinner there; S'what?'


Coming soon to airwaves! Old # 69 - Willie Cunningham reads the Times!

Willie Cunningham - which translates to 'smart pig' from the Old Irish - began a series of readings from the New York Times, which endorsed Senator John McCain and then smeared him with cut-and-paste story that Jayson Blair could have cooked up on less money.

These readings delighted fans of Willie and other like minded intellects.

Today's reading is a beaut that questions whether or not the son or daughter of an American Military Serviceman/woman can and should be considered an American citizen with full rights of citizenship - like run for President.

Listeners of Willie were delighted - confused but delighted - as Willie explained repeatedly that what he was reading was against McCain.

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