Monday, February 04, 2008

John McCain: Alec Baldwin - The Funniest Guy in America -Annoints John McCain as GOP Nominee and Plans His Destruction! You Gotta Read This!

I think Alec Baldwin is the funniest guy on TV bar none. His character on 30 Rock is a priceless caricature of the Republican Suit - a manic Mitt Romney.

But . . . his plan to defeat John McCain in the general election nearly gave me lock-jaw from laughing. Alec Baldwin's post on Huffington Post is Jonathon Swift on crack!

Get this:
(Note - I emphasized the good lines)

Have fun.

Republicans don't care about anything but winning. That's why they put forth candidates like Reagan, Arnold and Bush. By the time they reach the end of their first term, it's assumed they have all the experience they need. Like their nephew at the bank.

Which candidate will have the best chance against McCain? The experienced one or the exciting one? The one who is smart and tough and whose stances on some issues are oh-so-similar to those of the presumed GOP opponent? Or the less experienced, less tested one who has many Americans believing that someone more like them may make a return to the White House? During the Democratic debates, I wanted someone to ask one question. "Do you believe that any of the people sitting in this audience have as much hope of becoming president as you do?" I think that should matter, because the presidency of this country has become the exclusive preserve of legal elites and political or corporate barons. And our country is suffering as the result of it.

Vote on Tuesday. And let's begin the job of defeating John McCain, and his continuation of the Bush nightmare, right now.

Alec- that openner was killer! If Democrats gave one bit of a tinker's damn about winning, they would not have put a loser like Dean in the Captain's Chair at the DNC and they'd still have traditional Democrats - like me - voting at the National level.

The 'the experienced one or the exciting one?' Sounds like a twisted Dad taking young Scapegrace Jeremy to a hooker shop for his 16th birthday. 'Experience or Excitement, Son - it's your birthday, be a man, pick out a winner, Boy! They're all whores, Son, be a Man pick one!'


The guy is priceless!


colecurtis said...

I now see why Kim Bassinger divorced Alec Baldwin he is an idiot. He is dillusional as well if he thinks he can control this election and keep Mac out of the Whitehouse. I think that the vote of public opinion will have something to say about that.

Pat said...

Heheh, gotta stop legal elites from running the country, like the woman who was named of the 100 most influential lawyers in America? Or the guy who was the first black editor of Harvard Law Review?

Yeah, Alec never learned to think much.

pathickey said...


As my old Pappy was wont to say,

"Ya Got Dough - Ya Ain't Gotta Know."