Saturday, February 16, 2008

John McCain: Midshipman Jack McCain -The Audacity of Honor

USNA Midshipman Jack McCain
Senator John McCain and his Son Jack.

Meghan McCain has chronicled the Campaign of John McCain through the Valley of Darkness and into the Spotlight of History as John McCain moves to the Republican Nomination for President of the United States. Ms.McCain's blog McCainbloggette has been my personal poaching ground for photos which I applied to my insightful and poignantly poetic musings on John McCain's impact on American History.

Meghan's work has captured the nature of the McCain Family scrumming together in an uphill battle to bring straight talk to the American voters. That struggle , Boys and Girls, is not only Sisyphean in its exertions, but positively Augean as well.

I am really waxing Attic here ( Kean Gas coffee is full octane this AM). Sisyphus was a Titan in Old Greece who was condemned to roll a huge boulder up a steep slope only to be overcome by its weight and the un-Polled Laws of Gravity and be forced to shoulder the rock up all over again. The other allusion is to one of the many tasks of Hercules. He needed to clean the stables of Augeus which required Hecules to divert a river in order to clean out the mountains horse manure. I get the same feeling of exhaustion after listening to Limbaugh, Bones Coulter, Smarmy Maher, Joe 'Where You Goin' With That Gun in Yo' Hand' Scarborough and the Rev. Al' Pin Back them Yarmulkes and Let's Get it On' Sharpton.

McCain struggled to be heard and kept pushing his message with stoic consistancy; in the mean time goof-ball loud-mouths who shill for big money on AM Talk Radio threw out every calumny, traducement, and aversion that they could toss from their cages.

It takes a river of Straight Talk to clean out that mess, but the American people have heard the message of Service, Honor, Faith, Commitment, Courage, and Pride. Americans are good people - goofy at times, but willing to sacrifice self-interest for the common good.

John McCain's Family reflects that American Goodness.

Today, I noticed Meghan McCain's tribute to her little brother Jack, a Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy and another brother is a Marine rifleman in Iraq. Click on my post title for Meghan McCain's tribute to her brother climbing the gradus
of Honor in the service of his country. Now there is the audacity of Hope citizens - no rhetoric just deeds.


colecurtis said...

Great post Mistah Pat like I had any doubt that it would be anything else. Have you been over to the yahoo group lately? There is a couple of great links about both Jack and Mac over there posted by Ben Nelson. here is the addresses:
C:\Documents and Settings\Vicki Hampton\My Documents\Scout_com EXCLUSIVE An Interview with Jack McCain.htm and C:\Documents and Settings\Vicki Hampton\My Documents\Scout_com EXCLUSIVE An Interview with Jack McCain.htm.The reason it has my address is I filed them for future use of course. I also started another blog at It is a blog that will cover current events and other things that I can not cover on The McCain Monitor.

Kevin said...


It's McNulty - I assume this is you. I"m big on McCain too. (How did we become republicans!) Anyway - I am writing my second book on Pat O'Brien of Momence. I saw your name on a post regarding his wife Virginia Dale. Two people came to me 6 months ago with boxes of research and asked me to put together a book on Pat. His life is truly an amazing story and I'm thrilled to have the chance to write it. I would like to visit with you some time to catch up and talk about Pat, writing and other things. Send me an email at