Saturday, February 23, 2008

Keith Olbermann, or Capri Sun?

What's the Difference between MSNBC's Resident Old Woman, Keith Olbermann, and the delicious and citrus -packed goodness of Capri Sun?

Well . . . One is a Juice Bag . . .!

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Lucille said...

Apparently you McCain people are too afraid to address the lobbyist scandal surrounding him. My opinion? Here's part of it.
LUCILLE: Mr. Clean Needs to Get Out of the Kitchen

John McCain likes to pose as the anti-lobbyist, outside the Beltway reformer; Mr. Clean with hair. When The New York Times and Washington Post came out with stories about his questionable relationship with Vicki Iseman, the lobbyist for Paxson, he immediately began defending his honor, claiming to never have had a romantic relationship with "that woman."

Okay; he didn't say "that woman". But his intent was clear: take the focus away from the question of his relationships with lobbyists - who, by the way, make up virtually his entire campaign team - and throw it against the straw dog of marital infidelity. And it almost worked. Attacking the Times for impugning his honor, McCain was able to rally the right wing-nuts to his defense. But that was bound to happen eventually anyway. Do you really believe Rush and his partners in prattle would stand back and forgo attacking the Democratic candidate for the months leading up to the election?

But, here's the problem facing McClean; not only did he show incredibly bad judgment in hanging out with Ms Iseman (and taking multiple corporate jet rides with her), he apparently wrote a few letters to the FCC on behalf of her employer, Paxson.

McCain, in a news conference on Friday, February 22 said he had never done any favors for any lobbyist and his campaign insisted that McCain had never spoken to Ms. Iseman or anyone from Paxson prior to writing to the FCC.

Except he did. In a deposition in 2002, McCain acknowledged he sent those letters after meeting Mr. Paxson.

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