Friday, February 01, 2008

John McCain: Willard's Queen Rat and the Albino Mafia

Looks like Chicago's streets are whiter than the hair and complexions of Willard's Wingnut Shill Team. Team Pallor!

Joining the Alabaster Analysis of Hughie Hewitt and Terry 'Bite-a-Pig's Ass- Through -a Picket Fence' Jeffery is the Queen of Willard's Albino Mafia - Ann 'Bones Coulter - For Male Conservative Fantasy Fans: Imagine Riding a Schwinn over Twenty Miles of Badly Graded Railroad Ties. Ahhdddddahhhhhdddddaahhhhdddddaaahhhhh . . . etcetera.

Click my post title for the Queen Albina of Meana talking at 40Watt Sean Hannity.

Cappy Hick's Funnies:

How do you get a Romney supporter off of your front porch?

Pay for the Pizza!

Be Good Matey! Vote McCain February 5th in Your Primary and Be Better! Go to Church; Drink Your Milk; Love Your Country; Eat Your Vegetables; Don't Sniff Glue and you might not end up on Cable News talking to creepy people like Our above Noted - Pallor Patrol!

Time to shovel again - more Snow out there than a Conservative gab-fest!

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colecurtis said...

I clicked under your title Mistah Pat and left a comment you might not want to peek it might change your opinion of me.LOL I am glad you told me how to get that bunch off my porch because I was thinking buckshot. Just that Southern bone in me I reckon.