Friday, February 22, 2008

John McCain: NYT Flap Builds McCain's Extended Family - Hokey Smokes!

A family is but too often a commonwealth of malignants. Alexander Pope

Our motley collection of McCainiacs ( Republicans deemed moderates and Democrats Deaned away from National Debate like myself) - vastly average level-headed Patriotic Americans are now joined by far-right Protesting Knights - Limgorgians, Coulterites, Buchananlanders, Malkinites, Ingrahamians and Hewittians. Welcome, Cousins! Blood under the bridge, all that other stuff and all! Cold ones in the fridge grab one and find a seat that table.

Everyone is outraged over the rotten display mean-spiritedly sloppy journalism by the New York Times and vested McCain haters.

Vested McCain haters some on TV, some in print ( Huffington Post and Daily Kos, ) some in Government and business are howling- MSNBC and all it stands - for theOld Peacock - takes particular joy in McCain's hoped for but elusive downfall: losers like Scarborough, preening and puffed up fops like Olbermann and Abrams ( whose lawyer Daddy, Floyd, was a shill for the House of NBC and had his butt handed to him during the challenge to McCain/Feingold)and on the other channels nutballs like Beck and Dobbs howl at McCain. Glenn 'Red Rump' Beck brought in a some Body Language Swami to catch McCain in a body fib!

Hey, Moron! McCain was tortured for 5 and half years; can barely move his arms, lost many of his teeth, and suffers having a one leg shorter than the other. Beck seems to have allowed his rump troubles to go to his head.

Nevertheless, it seems that most folks with a basic sense of decency have formed ranks behind John and Cindy McCain.

Everyone loves a fair fight. Everyone but cowards.

Strange family indeed this McCain Tribe. We look like the Waltons compared to those
Families a feuding with McCain.

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