Monday, May 09, 2011

Illinois Progressives Will Not Tolerate Conscientious Objectors: Civil Unions Means Obey


I don't take my moral compass from an organizati?on that spent decades covering up sexual abuse of minors and wouldn't have even apologized until they were publicly forced to do so.

It's clear they care more about religious dogma than Children. They're disgusting?.
Comment from Huffington Post article Gay Adoption in Illinois: Catholic Charities Turns Away Gay Couples

Rebuttal: -
"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr". Francis Cardinal George, 2010.

The Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal straw man is the gold standard shut down against any defence of Faith, Doctrine or Policy by the American Roman Catholic Church by anyone - Bishop, priest, or Catholic Breeder.

Be it Gay Marriage, the transfer of priest, ordination of women, hierarchical anything, altar servers, or fish fry Fridays just bring up the fact that homosexual and rarely heterosexual predator priests were transfered, or hidden away by some bishops and you have settled your position - that settles it. Not really.

Civil Unions was greased through the political landscape that is Springfield, Illinois. Democratic Senators and Representatives cut deals with sponsors of Civil Unions - the opening act for Homosexual Marriage. The vote passed and Governor Bishop Pat Quinn signed and will bless this secular sacrement on June 2, 2011 - 24 hours after the law goes into effect.

At that time, more importantly thousands of children hoping for adoption will be swept aside for the sake of the larger issue of Homosexual Unions clearing way for Illinois Homosexual Marriage and all that it entails - insurance, legal legerdmain, property, and politcal power.

Non married couples can not adopt from Catholic Charities - heterosexual, bisexual, polysexual, omni sexual or asexual - now, then and to be.

A Civil Union gives consenting homsexuals the rights all the ups and the extras that Sponsor Greg Harris* begged for while getting votes from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Agnostic legislators, without ever tossing out the notion of adoption. That came up after Civil Unions got to rolling. Immediately and loudly by the way. The Catholic Faith is the obstacle that Progressives have targeted ever since Jane Addams hijacked social justice from the Daughters if Charity and the Sisters of Mercy.

The Catholic Church will not bend on abortion and it will not cave-in on sexual proclivities as a human right.

Catholic Charities is being forced to take its Doctrine and put it where the sun never shines. We Won! Get Over It! Shut Up! That is Progressive dialogue.
e.g. from the Progressive voices on Huffington Post

The Catholic Church should be ostracized for their treatment of children, and should not be given any authority or responsibi?lity over them.
It is children without anyone to cry to who are the most vulnerable?, and the Catholic Church has proven they are not to be trusted with them.
How can American citizens rationaliz?e giving tax money to catholic charities when Catholics have used donated money to pay off thousands of families billions of dollars in settlement?s over sexual abuse?
When considerin?g their assets to make such settlement?s, they asses all their money
How could Americans believe that Catholics are more capable or responsibl?e than someone who has no affiliatio?n with such sexual offenders?

Rebuttal: "I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr". Francis Cardinal George, 2010.

Progressive beauties are flat-out working on it, no kidding. Oscracize! Have a Gay Old Kristalnact on all of the Mackeral Snapper Breeders. What would be the life expentancy of a universally Gay planet?

Here is the reality.

Catholic Charities gets $ 30 million pieces of silver annually from Springfield to do effectively what the State of Illinois can not do - take care of children and find them loving parents and safe homes. Now, Progressives want not only to have services provided by the Church of Rome, but make everyone with any conscience that disagrees with Brahmin Progressive dicta to be silenced.

There is no room for conscientious objectors in Illinois. Cardinal George's prediction is on the money it seems.

>"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr". Francis Cardinal George, 2010.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) signed the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act Monday, and it will go into effect June 1. Despite opposition by groups including the Catholic Conference of Illinois, public opinion favored the law in the months before passage. A Chicago Tribune poll last September showed 57 percent of respondents approved the legalization of civil unions while 32 percent did not.

State Rep. Greg Harris (D), the measure's House sponsor who is openly gay, says public support was crucial to the bill’s passage. Mr. Harris says the broader public is starting to acknowledge a “difference between religious marriage and civil marriage, which is what the government does. I think that is an important distinction for a lot of folks.”

Harris added that "there was still work to do" to eventually pass gay marriage in Illinois, but he believed it would happen in the future.


Anonymous said...

Pity so many Roman Catholics took leave of their sense and voted for Quinn. Ethnic Catholics are second only to blacks in their unfailing commitment to the party of evil.

pathickey said...

Number me among them, Kenny. God forgive me.