Tuesday, May 03, 2011

CTA CEO Terry Peterson is not Black -He's Pure Gold! Remember Ald. Tom Murphy?

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Tom Murphy was the Alderman of the 18th Ward. The 18th Ward was remapped in order to make Tom Murphy 'demographically un-electable.' You see Tom Murphy was a real public servant - he was not a grand-standing blow-hard with an an on-going stool on the panels at WTTW.

As an Alderman, Tom Murphy represented his Ward and often found himself at odds with Mayor Daley. Murphy voted against property tax increases and raises for the City Council; can't have that.

The 18th Ward was re-mapped with many of the white precincts eliminated. The thoughts were that African American voters would only vote for an African American. Tom Murphy won in a landslide against four African American candidates. Then the City Council Black Caucus refused to allow Tom Murphy, who represented the African American families of the 18th Ward, to sit in the Black Caucus. The grand-standing blow-hards with on-going stools on the panels at WTTW played race against Tom Murphy.

This was one sweet bit of pure Tom Murphy from that campaign -

But Murphy said he doesn't believe the ward is split either racially or geographically. "I see it as a ward of 57,000 taxpayers," he said. "I see it as my job to treat everybody the same."

And he blames the media for reducing the ward's politics to a contest between black and white voters.

Today, grand-standing blow-hards with on-going stools on the panels at WTTW are beefing that the Emanuel Administration has no blacks at the top.

“For some black aldermen who must approve the appointments, it was another slap in the face. The only African-American member of Emanuel’s public safety team is former Chicago Police officer Felicia Davis, who will serve as deputy chief-of-staff for public safety.

Nobody is black at the top. At least Mayor Daley did have some African-Americans around him. It appears now that Mayor Emanuel has no blacks around him,” said Ald. Carrie Austin (34th), chairman of the City Council’s Budget Committee.

Reminded that newly-appointed Schools CEO Jean Claude Brizard is black, Austin said, “That’s not us. Even though that’s a sister agency of ours, that’s not in this City Hall.”

Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd) noted that Emanuel’s landslide victory was sealed by carrying every one of the city’s black wards.

“There is a dearth of African-American professionals evident in his current team,” Dowell said.

Another slap in the face! Man, is that one tired string of nonsense. Race-baiters need new rhetoric.

Get this.
Ald. Howard Brookins (21st) added, “I’ve heard in the community, even with respect to Mr. Brizard, that he’s not from here. He’s not [really] African-American. He was born in Haiti. We just hope that we would be able to get some local folks. … Hopefully, this isn’t a sign of things to come — that it’s all outside people. But, we’ll see.”

Yeah, them Haitians look like Swedes, Howard.

Really? When did Terry Peterson get so pale?

Terry Peterson is, by the way an African American. More importantly, Terry Peterson is one of the best people in public service. Terry Peterson represented the 17th Ward at the same time that Tom Murphy represented the 18th Ward.

Terry Peterson ran the CHA. Terry Peterson ran Daley's re-election campaigns. Terry Peterson directed Rahm Emanuel's Campaign. Terry Peterson is CEO of the CTA.

Terry Peterson will see that career appointee Forest Claypool does not have too difficult a time as President of CTA. Voila!

Claypool replaces Richard Rodriguez, but Emanuel said he has asked Rodriguez to consider serving his administration in a different capacity.

Emanuel also announced that Terry Peterson, another longtime Daley loyalist, would continue as chairman of the CTA board.

But for his first transportation department commissioner, Emanuel looked beyond the city limits to tab Gabe Klein, a former Washington, D.C., official.

Tuesday’s announcement came a day after the mayor-elect presented Jean-Claude Brizard as his choice for CEO of the Chicago Public Schools.

Still on Emanuel’s to-do list before his May 16 inauguration is appointing a new police superintendent.

T'ain't no where near May 16, by my guesstimations. Still, the media need to get that slap in the face out there. Folks gotta be slug-nutty with them slaps in the face. Race matters. . . to boneheads and phonies.

Tom Murphy was a great alderman, black, white, lavender, or crimson. Terry Peterson is not black; he is gold.



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