Thursday, May 05, 2011

Your Obama Osama Playcard - A Moveable Feast of Fun and Facts!

Take a Bow! Sorry Mr. Presient. That was cruel.Huge hat tip to Bookworm Room!

I was as happy a teenaged boy with two . . .A's on his report card to learn that Osama Bin Laden the monster of 9/11 and Change was put down by Navy Seal Ream Six and CIA Spooks.

The narrative unravelled like a city kid's hard ball. No amount of black electrians tape seems enough to patch this White House - they can not even handle a victory.

A buddy of mine just e-mailed this to me from a website comments page:

Okay, what do we have here.
1) There was a firefight.
2) There was no firefight.
3) Bin Laden was “resisting.”
4) Bin Laden wasn’t armed. (Makes the concept of “resisting” interesting.)
5) He used his wife as a shield.
6) His wife was killed too.
7) He didn’t use his wife as a shield, she ran at a SEAL who shot her in the leg, but she’s fine.
Some other woman – the maid? – was used as a shield. By somebody. Downstairs.
9) That other woman – downstairs – was killed.
10) Maybe not. She was killed unless she wasn’t – and who was she, anyway?
11) Bin Laden’s son was killed.
12) Unless it was some other guy.
13) Bin Laden’s daughter saw him get killed. She’s undoubtedly traumatized, poor dear.
14) They were going to capture Bin Laden until the problem with the helicopter, which was:
A) It had mechanical trouble
B) It did a hard landing
C) It crashed
D) It clipped a wall with a tail rotor, effectively a crash
15.) They were never going to try to capture him, it was always a kill mission.
16.) No it wasn’t.
17) The chopper blew up.
18) The SEALs blew it up.
19.) Panetta said yesterday the world needed proof, the photo would be released.
20.) Obama said today in an interview he taped with Steve Kroft for “60 Minutes” to be broadcast Sunday that it won’t be released. It’s too gruesome, would offend Muslim sensibilities (something he worries about a lot – I personally do not give a warm fart on a wet Wednesday about Muslim sensibilities), and how would Americans feel if Muslims released pictures of dead Americans?
21.) Kroft – whose not a total idiot – pointed out that ever since “Black Hawk Down” days, Muslims have been doing precisely that, filming American bodies being dragged through the streets, filming Daniel Pearl’s head being cut off, filming any and everything.
22) Obama gets pissed at CBS, the tape gets cleaned up, that question disappears. (Inside info.)
23.) We got a “treasure trove” of stuff from hard drives, etc.
24.) There were no phone lines, and no internet access at the “mansion,” they didn’t even have TV – what “treasure trove?”
25.) There is obviously in the pictures of the place a large satellite dish. I guess they used it for making salads.
26.) And now, just today: apparently the idea was to capture him, but only if he was naked. There was a suspicion he might be wearing a suicide bomber type explosive vest, or belt. So if he’s not naked and you can’t see if he has a vest on or not – shoot him.

The idiot Carney – they actually managed to find someone who makes Gibbs look good – is currently twisting himself into knots trying to explain why the photograph that the whole world was expecting isn’t going to be released. (Obviously the thing to do is get Trump on the case, he’ll force Obama to release it.)

The military did great, the administration – or whatever that bunch is, kind of like “The Little Rascals” – have managed to turn it into spaghetti. The story has changed so many times in the course of a mere three days it’s a joke – the world would be better off if Panetta had left the little $hitwit on the golf course.

Is it me, or does that Jay Carney kid always seem to be on the verge of tears? The kid makes Old Possum Eye Gibbs seem like Sir Larry Olivier.

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