Tuesday, May 03, 2011

John " Really Smart Guy" Feffer Explains How Osama Outsmarted Obama

Kids, this really, really, really, really QUOTE Smart UNQUOTE Dude John Feffer - sotto voce Don't people who use that idiotic quote/unquote gesture make you want to turn their fingers into pretzels? Note to myself - They(Quote/Unquoters) are breathing your air to be sure, but they are as God made them.

I like to read while lunching . . .I am tucking away at my lunch here at Leo High School having put together a class list for Barney Janecki '46, and researched some out of town foundations and prepped for a meeting at the Pastoral Center tomorrow and doing a letter of recommendation for Denzel Tucker, Leo 2011 seeking financial help for his college of choice Ferris College. Lunch looks good -(TypeA) an oriental noodle salad with ginger dressing! I am reading an article in Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). It's a howl.

Academic John Feffer, who like Noam Chomsky and other celebrity nitwits, gets attention by offering the loudest and most publicly contrarian point of view on anything. Mother Theresa was a Brownshirt; Justin Bieber is a Genius; Osama Bin Laden is a laughing up a storm - that sort of stuff. If it is goofy, it gets passed off as thoughtful

Osama Bin Laden had two more orifices added to his noggin courtesy of Navy Seal Team # 6 at the insistence of Commander in Chief President Obama.

Here is Dr. Feffer - bubbly but really much too sweet form my leathery pallet - in all of his cranial splendor on just how Osama Bin Laden really pulled one over on the President by turning his bearded noodle into a colander:

We have, once again, played right into Osama bin Laden's hands. This might seem like an odd assertion, since the al-Qaeda mastermind is finally dead at the hands of U.S. Special Forces, most heads of state have voiced their congratulations, and practically the entire U.S. citizenry is unified in celebration.

Well, smoke my meat! if that don't taken the rag offen the bush! You mean to tell me that for the last three score and more of hours, I have been just shickled titless over the news of Osama's demise? Tell on, Feffer!

Bin Laden's death sends a particular message about the abuses of state authority — why is the United States in the business of targeted assassination? — that may resonate in the Islamic world. Likewise, with former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf condemning the attack as an infringement on his nation's sovereignty, bin Laden in death has been able to drive a further wedge between Washington and Islamabad.

You mean we might not be able to trust Pakistan?

Doc! You can't mean it! Wait . . .just a sec. . . .I swallowed the Leo Cafeteria noodle salad while reading your next sortie . . .let me get that out of my gullet. There. All better now let's see.

Martyrdom, holy war, the lure of power and economic profligacy: with these weapons of the weak, al-Qaeda has drawn the United States into a conflict that has sapped our moral, political, and financial resources. We have persuaded ourselves that we're in control, even in this last act of extrajudicial killing. But even here, bin Laden has managed to glorify himself at our expense.

These are the tools of bin Laden. We are the tools of bin Laden.

Dang, I thought that boring a couple of holes through Osama's melon was just EXTRA-judicial myself there Dr. Feffer. But hold the phone, Elmer! Bin Laden is using us like a finely crafted US Made Milwaukee Drill with a powerful 8.0 Amp motor and 0-2,800 RPM, the 3/8" Drill; it has the power to perform even the toughest applications? Please, Doc!

BTW- The former Paki Prez has family right here in Chicago - BTW. Money marble or chalk ;that they are bundling cash for President Obama's re-election.

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