Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blago II : Epilogue - A Quinn Martin Prodcution

Rod Blagojevich, the now removed Governor of Illinois, serial gate-crasher, lout, lay-about, whiner, buffoon, pistachio pitch-tool, and political plantar's wart is set to testify.


I remember on a website called Chicago Sports Fan on the 620 Score there was a post called Blagojevich: Epilogue A Quinn Martin Production and I laughed my ass off . . .well not literally, it still follows me around.

I connected immediately. Blago is a Quinn Martin Production. Pat Quinn? Nah.

This entire shabby saga has been soup for nuts. Blago was kicked out of a very prominent post-South Side parade parties decades ago. Everyone goes to this Morgan Park worthy's party, but Blago was not invited. He did not go there for the fun, fellowship and free feed; Blago gate crashed in order to gnaw on the rumps of the likes of Neil Hartigan, Bill Daley, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry ( South Side attendees all) and captains of labor, church and industry.

Everyone but everyone knew Blago to be exactly the man he is today. That's politics, kids.

The Blago saga has had no real light shined upon since Rep. Jim Durkin tuned up Roland Burris.

This has all been a tedious drama, not a comedy. It reminds me of the Old 60's TV shows The Fugitive, Twelve O'Clock High, The F.B.I., and The Invaders, all broadcast on ABC that always had a pretentious Act I, II, III and IV - and the Epilogue.

All four Acts of this sociopathic mirror gazer Blago have been Epilogue

Act I - The Primary - Money, Vanity and Fear Give Illinois Blago over Paul Vallas

Act II - The Governorship 1 & 2 - The Looting of Illinois & PACE for Grannies

Act III - The Impeachment and Fitzy- Starring Roland Burris - need I say More

Act IV - WLS, Trial One, Survivor and Pistachios
The Epilogue, or denouement ( DE new Mon) as we Francophiles like to toss about, was the resolution of the alleged drama in which David Jansen shook off the hay from the farm work he did as a doctor on the run from the one-armed guy. Blago has more explanations about his many one-armed guys, than the Vitalis-ized David Jansen could ever dream of.

All Four Blago Acts are Epilogue - This Has been a Quinn Martin Production!!!!!!

US Producer
Born Martin Cohn. Born in New York City, New York,
U.S.A., 22 May 1922.
Died, in Rancho Santa Fe, California, 6 September 1987.

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