Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Irish Mob Shuts Down Chicago Code on Fox -"T'was Pure Bollocks and a Shower of Shite!"

Fox has given "The Chicago Code" the ax after one season Chicago Tribune 5/11/2011

The only show that gives an address as somewhere on West Harlem and had about as much to do with Chicago Corruption as Rahm Emanuel has to do with Reform has been strangled in the cradle. Fox went all Planned Parenthood on this Bitch!

Or, it may have to do with long green tentacles of the fabled Irish Mob.
From the Cellphone WIRE:

Dermot -“Tadgeen, Old Son! Howerya?”

Tadgh -“Grand, thanks, Dermie,notabodda.”

Dermot - “Your wan over there told me the craic. She said your man went mental and badgered up the whole feckin place and all within.”

Tadgh - "Cross Bitch she is, so fer tellin ye. Your man wasn’t serious –the yokes still breathe; he was just taking the piss to make Rupert look an eejit.”

Dermot -"Fair play to him. Rupert's the Wanker of Oz,so he is; it's the Yanks fair swallow this Chicago Shite-gruel."

Tadgh -“I can’t believe the weather. Ah but sure you know yourself like.”

Dermot - “Brilliant!”

Tadgh -" The Show is dead then."

Dermot- "A good word never broke a tooth."

Tadgh - "Roll me over Romeo."

Dermot - "There you go."

Tadgh - "Say it again."

Dermot- " I said, Oh, Oh Domino."

Tadgh - "Slan"

Dermot -" Slan Abhaile (Slan Awalla)

Tadgh - " I'm home, so, ye eedjit. T'was you that called."

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