Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicago Is Hardly "Braced" for Mayor Rahm - Always Another Bus!

I read the New York Times early this frosty May morning with GREAT interest. Well, not really. I read it in the same way that I read the Tribune and the Sun Times, but the New York Tines has much more to read. The New York Times is interested in Chicago and Chicago's mayor because the New York Times is interested in President Obama. You see what happens in Chicago, plays national. Chicago is the epicenter of the less than storm-like Obama 2012 Campaign.

Rahm Emanuel is the Obama 2012 Campaign writ small. Rahm Emanuel won the Fifth Floor on LaSalle Street the day that Daley fil called it Qs.

Rahm was bankrolled. He was so thick with the long-green difference that he became a life-long, gangway and alley rat kid of the neighborhoods. One can purchase street-cred, as has middle class Momma's Boys like Sean Puffy P-Diddy What's-his-name. He is as street as ARMANI. I do not believe for a minute Rahm went skeechin down snow packed Chicago streets from the bumpers of Buicks and Pontiacs, but he is now Chicago's Mayor. Good luck to him.

The New York Times however is telling the world that Chicagoans are 'bracing' for Mayor Rahm. News to me.

I know that my nephew was preparing Millennium Park for the inaugural events and the possible arrival of the Vice President or possibly a surprise - Oprah Style - drop-in by President Obama. Like those old Dean Martin Shows - Old Buddy President Obama walks out from behind the curtain and the audience hoots approval.

Nope the New York Times is telling Chicagoans that we are worried that Mayor Rahm might be a temp - he might have eyes on bigger prizes. Oh, Say it ain't, veridical, Mayor Emanuel!

Chicago, it seems, wants to be convinced. Inside and outside the political sphere here, people say they presume that Mr. Emanuel, known for his ambition and drive, will be on to some bigger, fancier chapter eventually. One guessing game among political analysts even before the swearing-in: will it be a presidential run or a governor’s race that eventually woos him away?

Chicagoans could care less. We've seen this movie already. We have been "Get Ready for Surprises." WE got jazzed about Obama Presidency - huge Chicago payoff that; We got psyched about the Olympics 2016 - that went down faster than the Eastland. We are Chicagoans - we have the Cubs. We voted huge for Blago and were shocked when he turned out to be exactly who he has always been. We are numb with expectations.

Chicagoans get behind action - The Blackhawks of 2010. That gets us excited. Sox fans buy season tickets and split them with brothers and cousins. We will see. Chicagoans do not brace. Tourists brace. We stick heads outside and dress for the weather.

As to politics - Ed Burke gets re-elected because he delivers to the 14th Ward and makes things happen in the City Council. City Council Gofers like Joe Moore, Rico Muniz and other reform camera hogs go hat in hand to Ed Burke and then bad-mouth him for services rendered. That is Progressive Reform.

We are not bracing; we are leaning back in the recliner with a big-ass bowl of stove top cooked hot buttered popcorn and channel surfing. This form of political self-medication is exactly what a bone-weary and muscle-taxed Big Shoulders City needs. Chicagoans know that, it not only snows in January, but also in April and May. They do not get their shorts in knot over the weather, CTA schedules, or politics.

Another bus is always coming and Rahm is driving this one.

Too cold and sleeting to go Grant Park. We'll catch it on WGN. There's always another bus.

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