Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Progressive Chicago Victory Complete - Read on Huffington Post Chicago

The Chicago and Cook County Democratic Party gradually and finally handed the keys to the County and City over to the Progressives. Daley in fact did just that last year about this time, when Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel dreamed of becoming a Chicagoan and the Mayor. Mayor Daley exited, having destroyed politics for policy and exhausted the affection of Chicagoans in creating a Postcard out of what had been a City of Neighborhoods.

Chicago is never cutting edge. Chicago always apes other cities, whether it is London's checker-board Cop hat bands, Big Brother Blue Light Cameras, Cabs,Buses, or clean subways. Chicago bans smoking, neighborhood saloons,or trans-fatty acid because New York City did so and allows anarchists the freedom of the streets, media and bike paths in homage to Seattle. Daley is touring the Hoods that aped other cities.

Daley has left the 19th Ward and other blue-collar neighborhoods that helped get him elected ( Beverly, Morgan Park & Mount Greenwood out of his walking tours, because those neighborhoods, while loyal, are deemed unimportant -only voters, tax-payers, breeders and Catholics there. Mayor Daley is quite correct. Neighborhoods stopped being important years ago. Community -whatever the hell that means - trumped neighborhoods.

Chicago's Purty, unless you take the 79th street bus east or west, or try to get from Hegewisch to Navy Pier via public transportation, or sell your home in Garfield Ridge.

Identity Policy trumped politics ( the old quid pro quo that got things done . . . for now. The Dreams of Leon Despres, Abner Mikva, and Dick Simpson are realized. Chicago will turn the microphone off on the last of political professionals.

Rahm Emanuel will govern Chicago according to the needs, whims, and wants of the 2012 Presidential Re-Election Campaign. In fact the Rahm years will be a replay of the Obama Administration 2008-2012. All the players are here already. It will be like the Seinfeld Reunion. Chicago City services will be the collateral damage. Chicago's Serial Appointee, Forrest Claypool, the Rula Lenska of Chicago politics, will run the buses and trains; Joe Moore will be the City Council voice; former Mayor Clerk Dave Orr will direct policy to the media; Wards will be re-mapped into silence - especially the 19th Ward where turnout is always heavy.

Politics no longer exists. Policy reigns supreme and that settles it.

If Chicagoans want to know what is going to happen - skip reading the Tribune and the Sun Times. All you need to know is to be found on the Huffington Post Chicago links.

There you will find Toni Periwinkle's dagger in the kidneys of Sheriff Tom Dart; Dick Simpson's imitation of the Daniel Burhnam; Locke Bowman's Daily Burge Reminder that Racism is 24/7.

All of the non-blinking Progressive Superstars ( folks who used be laughed out of the room) are loudly reminding Chicagoans that THEY, not you - won! Get over it!

Julie Westerhoeff who partners with Mike Klonsky and Bill Ayers with the ironic and seemingly adversarial help of the Chicago Teachers Union to make sure that Public Schools get worse has been featured prominently of late.

Also, Christine Bork of the YWCA Metro will demand more abortions for black babies because she and Planned Parenthood understand the black experience better than black people.

If you are LGBTQ you can be sure that your voice will dominate those breeders who dare utter a sound. It will be a universal WTTW Panel shout down of breeders.

If you do not worry about where the money comes from, not to break a sweat! Taxes go to breeders, racists, mean people, tea-baggers, homophobes, and working stiffs.

Chicagoans will learn what is important - not solid police presence, not fire fighting, not teacher accountability, not personal accountability. Cultural Bread and Circuses, Race Baiting, Gay Supremacy at every level - Gay Friendly is Homophobic, Food Fascism, Green Propaganda even though the boilers have not worked in years, Rain Barrels over Water Filtration, Reversing Chicago River Flow, Sanctuary City Sanctification, Abortion, Police Brutality/Systemic Racism Lawsuits,and Hate Crime Up-Ticks.

This will be the Progressive Golden Age - four years anyway.

Progressives captured the Captive City! Billy Sunday could not shut it down. The Democratic Party, Media and the patient Lefties killed the Machine.

The City of the Big Shoulders has trimmed down to Metrosexually Sized Smartness.

Have fun. See you in four!


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Wow. Ever consider applying to the Convention and Visitors' Bureau?

pathickey said...

Paul My Friend . . . and become one of the many, panting and dyspeptic legions of public service employees?

I have more than enough angst without a daily diet of aparatchik overseers. Thank you, no.