Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PC and Policy Trumps People - Gen. McCrystal and Ray

Ray is a Navy Veteran. For years he has been one of the first people I chat with during my long days. I get up at 4 AM and write. At 5 AM or a little after, I walk to Kean Gas at 111th and Talman; Ray pumps gas. Ray is always there.

A little over a year ago, Ray confronted a man attempting to rob the clerk inside the gas station/convenience store. The man pointed something in Ray's face. Ray pushed it aside and gave the guy a few clips in the chops and the would be robber scampered off to his car and burned rubber.

The robber was caught by off-duty Chicago Police Officer Johnson from the Maplewood Block who witnessed the flight of Ray's victim. The same City that paid $300,000 to a Police Superintendent who skedaddled on camera when gunfire popped in Englewood last summer, rejected Ray's and about 6,000 other applications after taking the Police Exam in December, because of some post-something mandate to Facebook some documents.

The whole thing smells dead fishy -Asian Carp sized - dead fishy. Ray did not social network? I looked on the City Police Exam Page and found no such instruction.

Here is is:

Application Information and The Hiring Process

The first step in the Chicago Police Officer employment process is a written examination. The remaining steps include a physical fitness test, drug screening, psychological test, background investigation and a medical examination. Being on the eligibility list is not an offer or guarantee of employment. It is recommended that candidates review and prepare for the physical fitness test since this phase of the hiring process comes quickly for those candidates that pass the initial written examination. Click here to view the "State of Illinois Police Officer Wellness Report or POWER test"

Click here to view some frequently asked questions regarding a Career as a Chicago Police Officer

Information of current and future Chicago Police Exams:

The last exam held was November 5, 2006. Currently, a date has not been scheduled for the next exam so at this time applications are not being accepted.

For details, visit www.cityofchicago.org/police to view the examination announcement and is also posted at www.cityofchicago.org/humanresources by clicking "Police Officer Examination" under Alerts.

Any Questions? Contact the Chicago Police Department's Recruitment Team.
Office: 312-745-5960
Email: recruitment@chicagopolice.org


Nope. Nada. Ray asked questions. He was told - forget about it.

Ray was a Navy Firefighter. He tried to get on the Fire Department and also the Chicago Police Department. Ray took the recent CPD exam and was rejected because he failed to place all of his documents on Social Network Page. Ray is a wide awake young man and as a Navy Veteran knows how to follow orders. No such Social Network orders were given at the exam. Something seems screwy - it is the Policy Driven City of Chicago.

Chicago Police do not want a Navy Veteran who has publicly confronted a Bad Guy - the story is in the Beverly Review.

Yesterday, The Rolling Stone Policy that the Obama White House used to remove General Stanley McCrystal from combat in Afghanistan was proved to be 'dubious.' Imagine that! Rolling Stone is called into question. Only a few months ago, the commander of the USS Enterprise was removed for being bawdy. Actually, Gay activists were ginning up DADT and Gay Marriage Policy for cable and news media feasts.

Policy and PC rolls over people.

The combat deaths in Afghanistan have tripled since General McCrystal's departure. General McCrystal is working with the First Lady now.

Ray is still pumping gas. He is one tough and determined kid. He was told by Human Resources and Chicago Police Department that he has no recourse - whatsoever.

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