Thursday, April 07, 2011

Aldermanic Scorecard - Joe Moore Hold's The Template : Gobble The Fois Gras

In Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel's political war room, there's an aldermanic scorecard to determine who's with him, who isn't and who falls between. . . ." and YADDA YADDA YADDA YADDA - Ald. Joe Moore, 49th, one of the council's leading independents, lauded Emanuel for seeking out the views of individual aldermen.

"The mayor and City Council leaders will have to spend a lot more time cajoling and convincing the aldermen to join them on policy initiatives," he said. "And I think the new mayor, Rahm Emanuel, understands that."
from the fine Kristen Mack and Hal Dardick, Tribune report this AM.

I redacted it - a summation if you will and what the Rahm Emanuel Term of Office portends. Policy, Kids! No Politics! Policy 24/7! Meet Your City Council Floor Leader - Joe "Goose Guts" Moore! Policy is the Emanuel Template.

Policy is what really lazy and dumb people turn to when they find themselves elected to public service. Policy means Tasks Forces, Blue Ribbon Study Groups, Tax Paid Consultants, Hearings, Andy Shaw. All the stuff that dweebs are made of! Chicago's Shoulders will go from a hirsute and manly 48" to the smart, shaved and metro-sexually ambiguous 28" in the next four years.

Policy works for 'Ain't She Great?' dimbulbs like Congressman Jan Schakowsky. Policy is Politics for Dummies and it is very effective - in getting revenue streams to disappear, taxes to soar, crime to spike, property values to plummet, public education to vanish, and the population to shift to greener pastures.

All one needs is The Joe Moore Template. Progressive Policy - more money for public education via raised taxes; a gelded police force; more free T-Shirts; reform that targets individual City workers only; Green Scams; Diversity Proclamations; Gay Marriage Fast:

Here's some of Joe Moore's Template:

•SOURCE-SEPARATED RECYCLING (Replace the Blue Bag Program)

Okay let's bread and butter the Old Policy Template - Progressive's Policy to Get the CTA Buses too Run - VIOLA!

This resolution was introduced by Alderman Joe Moore (49) and Alderman Ricardo Munoz (22) and calls for CTA President Frank Kruesi, CTA Board Chairman Carole Brown, and other appropriate CTA management officials to appear before the Chicago City Council to address the increasing number of derailments, mechanical breakdowns and service interruptions

CTA Service Breakdowns will vanish because Joe and Ricky Munoz will whereas the CTA appointees for a nano second spot on NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Here's how it looks kids. Mayor Rahm will have Joe Moore, Mike Quigley, and other sad-sack opportunists kick much stuff out of the City Council Sandbox and tell the media that it is Fois Gras. They will gobble it up, until after the ONE BILLION Dollar Re-Election Campaign ends.

Fois Gras - the real kind - will be revisited; we will agree that Jon Burge is a really, really, really bad guy, increased taxes are the only way to improve public education, Planned Parenthood helps eliminate Food Deserts, One Man's Gangster Disciple is amnother Man's Urban Translator, Unions are SEIU, Ceasefire does more to make people happy than the Chicago Police Department, fires are caused by Systemic Racism, Crime Ends when G. Flint Taylor and Jon Loevy take the very last nickel out of Chicago, the CTA buses do not run because George W. Bush went into Iraq, and if you have anything to say about anything, please Twitter.

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