Friday, April 08, 2011

American Hero Tim McCarthy Would Be A Great Chicago Police Leader

The Chicago Tribune thinks that Jody Weis was 'right man at the right time' for Chicago Police Department.

Like its choice of Dewey over Truman, the editorial board at the Trib couldn't find a boxcar at 59th & Kostner, or a trucking outfit between Ashland and Halsted.

I live among many police officer ( CPD, County and Federal) and universally they thought the Weis Years were unqualified disasters.

Interim Superintendent Terry Hillard,CPD (ret.) is as universally admired as Jogy Weis is scorned.

Mayor Emanuel would do well to appoint an unclouted hero - Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy would be ideal.

He comes from a Chicago police family and respects the culture. Tim McCarthy runs to the gunfire and has the wounds to attest that fact.

McCarthy is credited with saving the life of President Ronald Reagan. McCarthy has executive experience and political finesse.

If Rahm Emanuel is anywhere near as smart as the media attest him to be, he will appoint an American hero as his Superintendent of Chicago Police.

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