Monday, April 25, 2011

Secular Cohabitation Vows - No Bands, No Ties, No Biggie, No Hokey-Pokey, Whatever!

Hat tip from Regular Guy!

I listened to a tweedy academic explain that marriage is as outmoded as spats, or something like that and I kept my mouth shut. Must have been all the Rhino tranquillizer that my Love slipped into my soda water. The guy blinked about three times during his five minute discourse on marriage, religion, intolerance, and Pope Benedict. He argued that cohabitation is the only civilized conjugal arrangement.

Marriage works in my neighborhood. It might not work everywhere. Who's to say?

Gravity works in my neighborhood. It does not work in controlled upper -stratospheric environments, like big NASA airplanes, or up in outer space. Who's to say.

We are as God made us works in my neighborhood with certain theological and moral modifications. Atheists are as the Big Bang made them. Who's to say.

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