Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obama 2012 Jettisons Catholic Demographic - When You Got Planned Parenthood, Why Bother With Mackeral Snappers?

Obama White House Thanks Ambassador Doug Kmiec for Parsing Planned Parenthood to Catholics in 2008.

Huge Hat Tip to www. Sancte Pater.comDoug Kmiec is a Catholic scholar who side-stepped Barack Obama's fealty to Planned Parenthood in the 2008 Presidential Campaign and parsed approval of Obama. Doug Kmiec was rewarded with an Ambassadorship to Malta. Doug Kmiec was given the heave-ho by the Obama/Clinton State Department last week when both got tired of Doug Kmiec's religious talks, chats and lectures.

President Obama is a secularist-christian who is beholden to Services Employee International Union (SEIU) and Planned Parenthood, Inc. has millions of devoted and like-minded folks ready to toss down their votes. Catholics - are we really a demographic anymore? We are so diverse! The only Catholics that get mention in the media are pedaphile priests, SNAP activists, renegade nuns, Martin Sheen and Hugo Chavez.

Don't Reagan Democrats who happen to be Catholics fit in with the SEIU -blue collar Walker, Tea Party hating tom-tom thumpers that MSNBC always touts? Aren't Joe Biden Democrats, who play at blue collar, already in the Planned Parenthood tent already? That tent even holds Catholic Bishops like Mahoney of LA and others who think that Choice Matters.

Doug Kmiec was hotly plucked plumb in 2008, because Doug parsed a bunch and helped Obama cover-up the Crucifixes at Georgetown and promote Planned Parenthood at Notre Dame. Adios, Doc!Catholics? We Don't Need No Stinking Catholics! We got the Hispanic Demographic. We got Gay Lesbian Transgender Bisexual and questioning Victims of Bullying Baptized as Catholics.

I can almost hear Comb Over Dave Axelrod and Dave Plouffe Tweet and Texting Thumbs akimbo

Doug Kmiec, thanks for the help in 2008! Now, shut up and get lost!

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