Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mexico is Our Continental Indiana - $ 2.89 Gas at the Pump - How Much Are Smokes?

Mexico is now offering gas at $ 2.80 a gallon.

Such a deal! How would you like to be able to fill up at $2.80 a gallon? . . .Why is gasoline so much cheaper across the Rio Grande? Two main reasons. First of all, Petroleos Mexicanos, the state-owned oil company, controls prices with the assistance of the Mexican government, which is not keen to see the price of gasoline go up too high for fear of public unrest. Also, Mexican environmental laws are not as strict as laws in the U.S., and gasoline sold in Mexico is not required to have many of the special blends designed to hold down air pollution, which jack up U.S. prices.

Foster says he will organize his day so he can buy gasoline in Mexico.

“The other day, I was going to Zaragoza to show a ranch, and I needed gas, and I have no issue buying Mexican gas,” he said.

Traveling into Mexico to buy gasoline is not considered smuggling and is not against the law. The gasoline in the tank does not have be ‘reported’ to U.S. Customs officers at the border, and customs duties do not have to be paid on it.

“A lot of our community goes to Piedras Negras to buy drugs, and for doctor visits, and will incorporate a visit to the gas pump,” Foster says.

I just topped off my tank at Rollie Kean Gas on 111th and Talman at $ 4.19 a galoon.

For years, south side folks would take a run over to Hammond, Indiana and tank-up and grab a carton or two of smokes.

Really earnest pop-eyed geniuses like Chris Matthews, Rep. Jan Shakowsky, and the balance of the news media harp that Americans have great capacity for more taxes - damn those rich plutocrats.

Though it be a bargain, I don't think I'll be taking a run to the boarder to top off the 15 gallon capacity on the Malibu. Not unless, the smokes down Mexico way are a real value. It will probably be 2012 before the pump prices drop . . .no, 2013 around the end of January.

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