Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Creeps of Planned Parenthood & The Center for Reproductive Rights Celebrate 40 Years of American Genocide!

In the 1950's women regarded some members of my gender creeps - undesirable males, nerds, 90lb weaklings, or a loathsome bi-ped given to staring with obvious lust.

In our evolved, willfully androgynous popular culture, a woman may also be considered a creep. In the UK, a creep is someone trying desperately to curry favor with his, or her betters. Going along to get along.

There are some real creeps in this world and most of them live very safe, comfortable and secure lives of degenerate self-absorption. A creep is a monstrous person who would do anything that was once considered   unspeakable.

Bill O'Reilly
PeeWee Herman
Peter of Peter Paul and Mary
Most Kennedy Males
Kathy Griffin
Paul Krugman
Ronald McDonald(s)
Ward Churchill
Oprah's Girlfriend
The Congressional Progressive Caucus

Hollywood is overpopulated with creeps; the Halls of Ivy have a shower of them; Washington D.C. attracts creeps like any dropped Dreamsicle on a Chicago sidewalk in August draws diverse species of ants.

It seems odd that the more ostentatious display of wealth, real or imagined - like ManTi's girlfriend, one tends to be a creep.

Planned Parenthood is populated 100% with a creep population - wealthy dowagers and their consorts, or sweet- boys.  Abortion shills take cake when it comes to creeps.  The Center for Reproductive Rights issued the creepy video above. 


Dennis Byrne... said...

This is a joke, right? Can anyone be so out of their insensitive efifing minds as to make something like this? So long to their last claim to superior compassion.

pathickey said...

Nah, I think they are very consistent. . .way creepy, but consistent*.

A fireman e-mailed this video to me and he too was shocked . . .and those guys see everything!@

e.g. Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Hollywood A-List Broads & etc.

I wonder which side of the abortion debate that creepy twist on the Progressive Insurance commercials foots her bills?