Monday, January 14, 2013

Illinois Gay Titans of Industry - Fewer than the Manteno Chamber of Commerce

Hoping to nudge stalled legislation that would legalize gay marriage in Illinois, a group of business leaders on Sunday framed their argument around this simple notion: It’s a smart business decision.
Local industry titans cited the ability to recruit top talent as a top reason to pass the legislation. Sun Times
 Meet The Titans!

Chicago Urban League.
Illinois Science & Technology Coalition.
Knight Engineers & Architects.
Curt Bailey, president, Related Midwest.
Andrew Bluhm, founder and principal, Delaware Street Capital.
Norm Bobins, former CEO, LaSalle Bank; Chairman, PrivateBank and Trust Co.
Bill Brandt, president and CEO, Development Specialists, Inc.
Carole Brown, senior managing director, Barclays Capital.
Lewis B. Campbell, chairman and CEO, Navistar International.
Lance Chody, CEO, Garrett Popcorn Shops
Philip B. Clement, global chief marketing and communications officer, Aon.
William M. Daley.
Laura Desmond, CEO, Starcom Mediavest Group.
Fred Eychaner, chairman, Newsweb Corp.
Paul S. Fisher, president and CEO, CenterPoint Properties.
Albert M. Friedman, CEO and President, Friedman Properties, Ltd.
Peter Gottlieb, president, North Star Investment Management Corp.
David A. Helfand, CEO, Helix Funds.
Carrie Hightman, executive vice president and chief legal officer, NiSource Inc.
Fred Hoch, CEO, Illinois Technology Association.
Mark S. Hoplamazian, president and CEO, Hyatt Hotels Corp.
Kym Hubbard, CIO and treasurer, Ernst & Young.
Ron Huberman, executive chair, TransitPro Logistics Inc.
William Lawless, President, The Gage & Henri Restaurants
Joseph Mansueto, founder and CEO, Morningstar Inc.
Matt Moog, founder and chairman, Built In Chicago.
Maura O’Hara, executive director, Illinois Venture Capital Association.
Sarah Pang, senior vice president, corporate communications and public affairs, CNA Financial Corp.
Richard S. Price, chairman and CEO, Mesirow Financial.
Quintin E. Primo III, chairman and CEO, Capri Capital Partners LLC.
Gigi Pritzker Pucker, OddLot Entertainment.
Doug Regan, Midwest regional director, J.P. Morgan.
Judith C. Rice, senior vice president, BMO Harris Bank.
Desiree Rogers, CEO, Johnson Publishing Co.
John W. Rogers, Jr., chairman and CEO, Ariel Investments LLC.
John W. Rowe, chairman emeritus, Exelon Corp.
Michael Sacks, CEO, Grosvenor Capital Management.
Harrison I. Steans, chairman of the executive committee, Financial Investments Corp.
Jay Stieber, executive vice president and general counsel, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises Inc.
Rich Stoddart, president, Leo Burnett North America.
Estelle Walgreen, founder, Hispanically Speaking News.
Tony Weisman, Regional President, Digitas.
Chicago's business community ?  Oh, there is more business than that.  However, the Gay Marriage narrative fit within which our local media operates is quite snug.  A score and change ( 25) Church persons came out in favor of Gay Marriage and thousands of Illinois clergy who might not agree were ignored.  Likewise, the two score (43) business Titans above are eclipsed by the membership of the Manteno, IL Chamber of Commerce by thirty. Meet the Manteno Magnates! From Aaron's Alarm Company, Inc. to Yanni's Cafe, these magnates have not yet to heard trumpeting a clarion call for Gay Marriage. Nor, have the Chambers of Commerce of  Mokena. Giant City, Utica, Ladd, Beaverville, Martinton, L'Rable, Monmouth, Custer Park . . .Who do issue clarion call?
These Titans.

Fred Eychaner and Heather Steans' Pa are Gay Titans pushing Reps. Greg Harris and Heather Steans' Religious Freedom and Marriage Equality (Gay Marriage IL HB 5655) with economic power - $$$$$$$$.

Fred Eychaner is a Husky Philanthropist and Captain of the the print and communications industry. Heather's Pa is Harrison Steans - he-bull of the Steans Family Foundation and Concentric Equity Partners, LP.

They are economic ( $$$$$ & etc.) engine driving Illinois HB 5655.  In fact some believed that Rep. Heather Steans did not count the Democratic lame ducks taking a duck on the recent vote; thus stalling the most important and crucial and can't wait some more legislation of our times!.

There are more 18,000 heavy industry operations in Illinois and 39 % of those operations ( metal fabricators & etc.) are located right here in north eastern Illinois - Cook, Will, Grundy, Lake Counties.  Gay Marriage is important to some people.  Gay Marriage seems to be more of problem for more people.

I agree with Fred Eychaner and Heather's Dad that this is important legislation.

I agree with Cardinal George that this is very dangerous legislation.

Once again, "Local industry titans cited the ability to recruit top talent as a top reason to pass the legislation. Sun Times"

Top Reason?

Top talent is gay?  Or, is it Gay Talent is tops?

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