Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dennis Byrnes' Caveat Cives, or Fiscal 'All-In Stupid!"

If this doesn't outrage Americans then I doubt that anything will. It'll make Americans look as complacent or ignorant as Illinois voters who habitually elect irresponsible politicians to run our state government. And then wonder how we got into such big trouble. Dennis Byrne -" The Same Old Fiscal Train Wreck"
In 2008, ESPN experimented with the idea of a delayed final table. This idea presented greater sponsorship opportunities and notoriety, culminating in a recap of the Main Event and the conclusion of the 2008 Main Event final table. In 2009, ESPN announced they would again move the final table to November 2009. The WSOP also decided there would be no rebuy events in 2009. The decision was reached because of complaints that rebuy events provided an unfair advantage to professionals with no limitation on how much money they can spend for an event. There were 57 bracelet events that year. The 2010 WSOP had the same number of bracelet events as in 2009, again with no rebuy events. WSOP

It seems to me that America's fiscal crisis coincided with the expansion of the Word Series of Poker genre on cable television.  Then again, it seems to me that Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois is such a fiscal steward that he needs to get naked in order to count to 21; Forrest Claypool is such a valuable asset to Illinois/Chicago commonweal that it takes him an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes and that Toni Preckwinkle is so whip-smart that she believes "The Queen's English" is a gay man's grammar and composition guide.

Yep, America's fiscal sense went 'all-in stupid' just before the election in 2008.  Like the cable shows where obnoxious louts and laconic ladies click and stack chips worth a house payment only to be cast into the ever-growing piles of a very few persons, America is all-in stupid. GE, Goldman Sachs and Planned Parenthood the Condom Manufacturer's Association and Green Anything all  have seats at the final table.  Middle class families voted all-in on the Obama River Card!  Holding Dueces and Trays. "Thanks for playing folks and keep playing on-line!"

We kick cans down the road, while getting on the right side of history.

Give Dennis Byrne's sobering assessment of our bridge-jumping culture -

Here are some examples of how Washington worsened America's deficit and debt problems by creating new (or extending old) corporate tax breaks, thus reducing the revenue stream.
GE, Caterpillar, J.P. Morgan and other business giants will escape paying taxes on income earned from some overseas lending practices. Tax breaks and subsidies for Goldman Sachs' New York headquarters, for mining company worker safety training, for railroad track improvements, for auto race tracks, for growing algae as feedstock for biofuel, for Hollywood movies made in the United States and low-income areas, for drivers of electric scooters, for rum production in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and for industrial research and development.
The congressional Joint Committee on Taxation figures the loopholes inserted into the final deal will cost about $67.9 billion in 2013. If you make the deal's increased spending a part of the equation, the complete package over the next 10 years would put us $3.9 trillion more into debt. Our only hope is that this lunacy is quickly corrected.

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