Thursday, January 03, 2013

Marriage Versus Money & Power - Gay Marriage Wins!

The Couple Next Door-- Illinois 2013 - at least there's no damn tricycles, Barbie Dream Houses and chalk art all over their sidewalks.

Illinois Gay Marriage will happen; Pop Culture over Tradition? - it's time, I guess.  It was time for civil unions, but that was so long ago that former Gov.  Pat ( Two Bits') Quinn still seemed like he could send a fax without a stamp on it.  That long ago.

When forces of Gay Marriage have a heavy-weight moral theologian with three names and bow-tie, Traditional Marriage,  backed a leader named Francis Cardinal George and a mitre, has got nothing,  so says what passes for editorial, political and activist thought in this burg.

Lt. Governor Sheila Simon and political-powerhouse Deb Mell trotted out no-less a Lincoln stand-in than Jesse Tyler Ferguson - star of  ABC's TV Sitcom Modern Family! AND 250 clergy persons in full communion with Jesse Tyler Ferguson,  Fred Eychaner, former Gov. Pat Quinn, Chicago's Blink-of an-Eye' Mayor Dave Orr, Eric Zorn, Bruce Dold and the cast of The Book of Mormon . . .  and the Illinois Legislature.!

Overwhelming! Dennis Byrne made a great case for common sense in the Tribune today, but any objection to re-defining marriage meets the catcalls of the bigots, who call everyone who merely disagrees a bigot.

 Now, what do we Catholics and traditionalists have in our corner?

Much of the opposition stems from religious concerns, such as those cited by Cardinal Francis George, who has urged a "no" vote. We fully understand and respect the cardinal's view that same-sex marriage violates natural law. But nothing in this bill affects the church's authority to define what is right for Catholics. It recognizes the difference between religious rites and civil institutions.
The Catholic church, after all, bars remarriage by divorcees, but Illinois grants marriage licenses to them. Allowing same-sex marriage does not limit the freedom of religious believers to reject it; it merely allows those who differ to practice what they believe. Bruce Dold and The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board!
We all know how The Illinois Religious Freedom and Civil Unions Act affected Catholic Charities and that 'could not wait' legislation was deemd as sweet as bear meat, as well.

Gay Marriage will happen in this sad State,  because money trumps everything and power is the goal. 

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