Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tales of South Side:Doc Brosnan and La Femme Rousse Artificielle

 Doc Brosnan has had a practice in Morgan Park for thirty years and he has seen everything from infantile croup to gerbils in the wrongest of bodily cavities.  He is a sharp-eyed diagnostician as well as keen general practitioner and surgeon.

Doc Brosnan serves on the staff of Little Company of Mary and consulted elsewhere. Let's drop back for this one.

One bright May morning at his office on Western Avenue across from County Far foods, he was stunned to find an absolutely stunning red-headed young woman of generous proportions waiting for him fully clothed and perched on the parchment paper covered examining bench.  She was new to his practice and Doc Brosnan carefully examined the chart containing her medical history, before engaging this Titian haired beauty.

" Ms. Soames, I am Doctor Teddy Brosnan.  Your medical history indicates that you are quite healthy; however, your statement here says that you experience excruciatingly shape pains in every part of your body," read and observed the canny sawbones.

" Doctor, I am in pain in every part of my body.  Please help, me."

In this litigious and sordid society, even a dutiful son of Asclepius is endangered.

The veteran practitioner and Catholic gentleman-to-the-backbone Doc Brosnan asked the young ginger goddess to demonstrate for him the points of pain.

The Sanguine Siren extended her long alabaster forefinger and poked her left breast emitting an anguished cry.  She then touched her elbow follwoed by sharp yelp.  The Foxy tressed babe's digit stabbed her cheekbone only to broadcast more physical pain - genuine and plaintiff, "See? Please, help me, Doctor!"

Dr. Teddy Brosnan nodded an informed estimation of the suffering beauty and remarked, " You are not a genuine redhead my dear woman."

The astonished Vamp asked, " How did you know?"

The kindly practitioner smiled and offered, " I am a man of medicine and a man of the world, my dear woman. Not only are you not a redhead, but you are a blond."

Again the bogus Scarlet Lorelei quizzed, " How did you know?"

Dr. Teddy Brosnan replied, You have broken index finger,"

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