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Put on the Gloves and Man Up! Police Athletic League of Illinois Sets the Challenge

Leo Boxer, Notre Dame Grad Professional Heavyweight Boxer and NFL's Indianapolis Colts  Safety Tommy Zbikowski hits the hand-paddles with Leo & Celtic Boxing Coach Mike Joyce
llinois State Crime Commission/Police Athletic League of Illinois

Guns are tools and so are the goofs who use them in order to 'be somebody.' 

Everyone talks as if guns had a life of their own.  They are inanimate objects taken up and used by two types of people - responsible, centered and skilled persons, or hapless, ignorant cowards with absolutely nothing going for them.

Any coward with a finger and an opposable thumb can pull a trigger and make a statement.  It takes a man to put on the gloves and step into the square ring.  

Athletics and boxing in particular have saved thousands of young men and women from taking the easy road to dependency, or worse, despair.  Bishop Sheil of Chicago began the Catholic Youth Organization, which partnered with the Police Athletic League in the late 1920's and battled back for youth by giving young people the purpose, direction and the skills to overcome the circumstances life hands to everyone.

Here at Leo High School, a long-time partner with the Illinois Crime Commission and the Illinois Police Athletic League, hundreds of men learned the 'sweet science' and become the men God created.  It works.

Boxing has drawn out the Lion in the lamb in danger of becoming one of the sheep. Read this with great interest and get involved.

What: Press Conference
Who: Illinois State Crime Commission/Police Athletic League of Illinois and Rasheda Ali
When: Thursday January 17, 10:30AM
Where: Hotel Allegro, 177 W. Randolph Street, Chicago - Screening Room 2
Why: To announce a new ISCC/PAL program to combat Chicagoland violence

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali's daughter and PAL Program Director Rasheda Ali and the Illinois State Crime Commission/Police Athletic League of Illinois unveil a new boxing initiative to combat violence throughout the Chicagoland area. The ISCC/PAL will detail the program where law enforcement officials, police officers and firefighters will be training alongside of and mentoring PAL boxers at inner city Police Athletic League affiliated gyms.

In addition, the ISCC/PAL will be announcing the 1st annual ISCC/PAL Boxing Gala which will take place Monday May 5th at Hawthorne Race course in Stickney, Illinois.

Illinois State Crime Commission/Police Athletic League Executive Director Jerry Els ner states "We are very grateful to announce the volunteer help we are receiving from our brave law enforcement personnel, police officers, firefighters and coaches." "With the extreme and senseless violence in the Chicagoland area, we are calling on our government officials, organized labor unions, private business groups; faith based organizations and educational leaders to help us with our Program so that we may offer our qualified PAL participants, internships, mentorships, apprenticeships and scholarships", Elsner further stated.

ISCC/PAL Program Consultant Rasheda Ali signed on with the initiative "Because I know the firsthand the importance of the Anti-Violence work the Crime Commission has done and I know something drastic has to be done to combat the epidemic violence plaguing the Chicagoland area. Additionally, my father Muhammad Ali began his career in a Police Athletic League Boxing Program."

The Police Athletic League is a hundred year old organization started by a New York City Police Commissioner who established sports programs so youth would have a positive outlet to dissipate energy. The PAL has evolved and now offers year round educational, recreational and cultural programs to inspire and support our youth. Notable PAL Alumnus who credit the organization with putting them on the right path as youth participants include; General Colin Powell, Bill Cosby and Muhammad Ali.

For more information on the ISCC/PAL and Rasheda Ali check the following websites: 

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