Friday, September 21, 2012

Will 2012 Election Depend Upon the Catholic Vote?


Catholics may hold the key to the 2012 Presidential and General Elections.  Swing States are the focus of everyone who thinks that he, or she has a thumb on the national pulse.  The choices at the Top of each ticket pits President Obama is a Christian Non-sectarian against Mitt Romney,a Mormon.  Both Paul Ryan and Joe Biden are Roman Catholics vying for Vice President.  Ryan and Biden reflect two distinct varieties of American Catholic - Paul Ryan is Anti-Abortion and traditional in his observation of Catholic moral teaching; Joe Biden is perfectly all right with abortion and the Planned Parenthood imprimatur on birth control.

I think that Catholics will decide this election.

Me?  I was all set to vote in 2009. I can not, did not and will not vote for Barack Obama for President.

Catholics went wild for Senator Barack H. Obama in 2008 thanks to the very warm reception he received from Catholic academics and Catholic Democrats like Kathleen Sebelius, Joe Biden, Richie Daley, Dick Durbin, Pat Quinn and the rank and file in cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Minneapolis.  Democrat used to be a euphemism for urban Catholic. Catholics in the GOP were suspected of being Planned Parenthood shills.  The GOP was very Progressive years before the Democratic Party and then wised up.

My lack of enthusiasm for Barack Obama stems from my belief in his total lack of experience for the job of President, his long association with some of the daffier elements of the Democratic Party Nationally and locally and my personal contact with the man.

All politics is personal.  I take the weather personally.

More so, I take umbrage when someone is insulting my faith, or people I respect all the while demanding that there is something intrinsically wrong with my beliefs, historical knowledge, reading ability, racial sensitivity and fashion sensibilities.

When I am wrong, I like to have bill-boards painted attesting to my latest sins and omissions.

I think that casting a vote against Obama in 2008 was a good thing and will not consign me to eternal damnation ( I have plenty more to account for in other departments), nor do I believe that encouraging at least my coreligionists to vote vigorously against a man and a world view at odds with my Church.

President Obama and his regime do not tolerate Catholics. He is abortion's son. He is a public service labor bully and no friend of real labor - which built the American Middle Class along with American business.  President Obama Part II will make even more vigorous war on Catholics if he manages to snatch the election.

Aside from that, President Obama is an affable gent more than qualified to occupy elected office somewhere in Illinois. However, if he loses this one,God willing,  there is no way he will return to the land of Lincoln.

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