Monday, September 10, 2012

The CPS/CTU Raccoon & Skunk Fight is On! Catholic Schools Open for Business

“We have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike,” Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said. “No CTU members will be inside of our schools Monday.” - TribuneChicago Public Schools board president David Vitale, left, and Teachers Union leader Karen Lewis (Armando L. Sanchez, E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune)

I am here at the Eight Seven Years Young Leo High School, a college preparatory school for young men of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Proco Joe Moreno and Mayor Rahm noted this summer that Catholics share not their Chicago Values.

The CTU is Chicago Values 2012.  CPS is Chicago Values 2012.  Together, Chicago Values 2012 have given parents and their children the fruits of Chicago Values.

Leo is a four story brick and mortar facility with more re-bar than Fortress Europe.  It is a solid building built upon a deep and thick foundation and the Gospels of Christ.  There is no central air-conditioning and the old structure retains heat like sponge.  In Chicago's winters, the Sangamon Wind whips the The Hawk through the portals and keeps the 1921 twin Kewanee Boilers working like Poblano with two shovels.

Our students receive a quality education and learn to be competitive and caring men.  It costs money - their families, our teachers, our Alumni and our partners work to pay the bills.  More so, the school, like all Catholic schools, is rooted in Catholic Values, not Chicago Values 2012,

These are the fruits of Chicago Values, 
At a raucous House of Delegates meeting last month, teachers yelled “strike!” and “hell no!” as union leaders discussed the district's latest contract offer. Days later, the union filed its legally required 10-day strike notice and set the date for a walkout on Sept. 10, the beginning of the second week of school for the majority of CPS students. Over the course of negotiations, Lewis emerged as a powerful voice for teachers' rights and a lighting rod for criticism. A veteran science teacher and activist, Lewis took over the union's leadership in 2010 amid uncertain times.
 With little movement in contract talks heading into summer, Lewis was credited with channeling teacher angst with a historic strike vote. The June vote strengthened the union's position at the bargaining table and ratcheted up opposition to Emanuel's reform agenda.
 As contract talks pushed into their final days, Lewis was front and center, calling Emanuel a “bully” and “a liar” in front of thousands at a massive rally at Daley Plaza on Labor Day.
 And on Sunday, Lewis led the teachers in a strike.
The mask is off this being a Labor Issue, as Karen Lewis and CTU's  public salaried brothers and sisters of SEIU will scab, cross their picket-lines and draw pay.  Those are Chicago Values 2012. " Condoms for Kids and Abortion for when the condoms fail". Kids, stay away from Chick Fil A and school for the next few days!"

Public education is a mess. This strike is being portrayed in the Chicago Tribune as " well it is about time we had a strike."  They are running a swell retrospective on Teacher Strike's past.  There is a "Teachers are Swell" sympathy piece by a parent in full solidarity with CTU, while SEIU comrades cross picket lines without losing a wink of sleep.

Chicago Values 2012?

Not if my life depended upon it.

Up Date:

7:55 AM. - I passed scores of Red T-shirted CTU members at Bronzeville Academy on 35th; Hendricks Math and Science Academy at 43rd & Princeton and Graham Elementary at 44th & Union -  I picked up Joe S at 35th & Kind Drive; then Nick, AJ, White Chocolate, Ryan & Sean at Pizza Nova on 43rd and then
Mitch, Sal, Tommy and BK at Graham.

We did not honk, but smiled and waved.  Faces dropped when they saw the Leo High School Logo and van full of Bronze and Canaryvillains off to school . . .A Catholic School.,0,1578458,full.story

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