Sunday, September 16, 2012

Loveland say "Hey, Hey/Ho, Ho Rosary Has Gotta Go!

Colorado Gang bangers?

I firmly believe ( after the Nicean Creed and in One Holy Apostolic Church, the Communion of Saints, the Forgiveness of Sins, the Resurrection of the body and the Life of the World to Come) that the chant beginning with Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho should be punishable in the most cruel and unusual manner.  But that is for another day.  I really want to work up enough spit and bile to do that mind pummeling commie ditty the justice it warrants with my full arsenal of invective, malediction and vocabulary in my limited capacity to hurl in its direction. All in good time, Brothers and Sisters,

Rather, my topic this early Sunday morning will concern  rock-solid Progressive Public School hypocrisy and the continuing secular Fatwa leveled on American Catholics.

After chores and study, I hit Saturday 4:00 PM Mass and heard about the posted nonsense in the news pasted below from a lovely, witty, devout  and elderly woman.  We chatted about the Thug funerals plaguing my our neighborhood and the previous day's Lil JoJo Going Home Gunfire and Black Gangster Disciple Parade at Mt. Hope Cemetery.  As south side chat will do, branches segued from the root topic -sadness for the death of young person, contempt for thug culture, gang hegemony boosted by our PC media and spineless politicians, and gang culture.

The woman told me, " a public school in Colorado banned rosaries* and a boy had his rosary confiscated."  As this woman was not a City, County, or State employee afflicted with the uniquely Cook County work-place malady splenetic -dysphobia - Fear of Badness, which manifests itself in statements like, " I hear that Rahm is firing all the Croatian sounding names in the Water Department and that any one who has cable and watches Boss on Starz has his e-mails turned over to Andy Shaw of BGA."  As such, I went home  and studied up on the Rosary snatching in Loveland** ( I have heard all about Loveland . . .) Colorado

LOVELAND, Colo. — A student is questioning whether his faith or his fashion is under fire at his high school in Loveland.
Thompson Valley High School officials have confiscated his rosary beads twice since school started three weeks ago.
And he says they never told him, or his family, why.“They tell me I can’t wear them,” says Manuel Vigil, showing us an identical rosary to the one seized by his school.
The junior says he wears rosary beads to protect himself from harm.
But his school district thinks the religious necklace will harm students.
“That’s typically not what we want for a safe environment for school,” says Thompson Valley School District spokesperson Margaret Crespo.
The district says they can be affiliated with gangs, and disrupt learning.
“Are you in a gang? I ask Vigil. ‘No. I’m not in a gang,’ he says. You’re a good student?  ‘I’m a good student,’” he says.
The 16-year-old says he and his family are strong Catholics.
“I use them for prayer. I feel safe when I have them on.”
The district says it gave Vigil options before seizing the beads.
“We’ve given you two opportunities to take it off or to put it inside your shirt. That’s not something you’re interested in doing. You’re not giving us an alternative than to remove it,” Crespo says Vigil was told.
But Vigil says he only got a demand.
“If he would have given me that option, I would have put it in my shirt,” he says.

Those who can't teach, become public school Administrators, Superintendents and University Educators!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not always, but a very safe bet.

I carry the Rosary in my pocket all of the time.  Gang banger I?  I think not.

Gang members are known by their deeds more than their beads.  Some carry shiny objects -guns, rims, bling, beads, and plastic coated Nike wheels. Some openly manifest their devotion to thuggery, more do not.  Numbers, symbols, letters, colors and flash fingers, mean less than open acts of thuggery and no more so than a bead rattling Catholic is threat to Sandra Fluke's rubber supply.

The rosary comes in many forms.  My Dad gave my son Conor his oxidized- steel one decade Rosary disc which he carried all through the South Pacific and home from 1943-1945.

A principal in Washington state went to her Fox affiliate last may to justify her own ban the rosary.  Notice the local Fox logo?                                    

Now, how about that Fox affiliate "take down the Crown!" The Crown - Symbol of the Latin Kings of People Nation?  They are "flashing the Crown Mang" all over Washington State.

Lay off the rosary.

As a special treat,  because you paid full attention all the way down here - here is Loveland by Charlie Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rythmn Band!!!


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