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"We Are ALL Redistributionists" Shouts Clarence Page ! Well, Two for Sure; Meet Jesse and Willard -The Marx Brother

Two charged with stealing checks from Obama campaign
"In fact, whether we Americans face up to it or not, we're all redistributionists now . . ." Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune 

A real Spartacus moment there Clarence! You know, when Kirk Douglas stands up to take his lumps from Sir Larry at the end of movie and Tony Curtis springs vertical with " I'm Spartacus!"  Then, John Ireland and then all the other extras, "I'm Spartacus!"  We are ALL Redistributionists!  Yes, yes, yes! I'm IN! Forward!

I am Willard!  I am Jesse!  Those are the two scamps who pinched hundreds of Benjamins from Campaign Forward - Obama 2012.  Clarence is a scamp his own bad self!

Clarence Page was recently under the 'hot lights' of Tribune editorial board over wetting his beak in an ethically challenged cash snatch from a terrorist bundling group:

Page’s crime? A breach of editorial policy. He failed to get advanced approval for a $peaking gig, and the group he $poke for, MEK, makes the Tribune nervous. MEK is an organization of Iranian exiles opposed to the current government and is currently on the State Department’s list of international terrorist groups.WBEZ July 3, 2012
WBEZ - a government funded news organ of record for everything Progressive parsed a bully narrative for Clarence.  He was doing only what any red-blooded American 1%er should do -grab some dough!  Clarence Page is getting checks from  The Chicago Tribune, syndication deals, Bruce Dold approved speaking gigs and of course Public Television not only brought to you in part with grants from Exon Mobile, the Joyce, MacArthur and assorted boarded and looted foundations, but also tax payer dollars. Redistribution of wealth!  Clarence gets mine. Yet, I get none of his.  Redistribution of wealth is a nice way of saying 'its okay, take someone else's money.'

Without going back to the roots of socialism in 1827 England sparked by Malthus and later Jeremy Bentham,Utilitarians, Philosophical Radicals, Marx and Engels, Hegel, Dewey, and all them folks, Redistribution is the key to votes and it costs money.  

Irony is best served up with white cheddar cheese popcorn, or reading the morning's edition of the Sunday Tribune.  Not only is there a serving Clarence Page's work for the Obama Campaign in the opinion section, but also a news item that graphically presents redistribution of wealth.

Bail was set at $100,000 and $75,000 today for two men charged with depositing two checks stolen from President Barack Obama's campaign headquarters into bank accounts they fraudulently opened.
A judge Saturday set bail at $100,000 for Jessie Adams, who allegedly instructed Willard Elam and another unnamed man who remains at large to open up bank accounts at separate TCF bank branches in the south suburbs. Adams is charged with one count of organizing a financial criminal enterprise.

Bail for Willard Elam, who is charged with continuing a financial crime enterprise, was set at $75,000 Cook County prosecutors said Elam and the unnamed man were accompanied by Adams and pretended to be business owners of actual companies that work with Obama's presidential campaign.

They opened up the accounts on Sept. 12 and Sept. 13 at TCF Bank locations in two different grocery stores and presented fake documents to open the bank accounts before depositing the checks, one valued at $24,857 and the other at $23,839, prosecutors said

A comptroller with Obama's reelection campaign caught on to the scheme when two companies complained they had not been paid. It was not immediately clear how the three men obtained the checks, prosecutors said.

Adams, 36, of the 1100 block of Spencer Road in Joliet, works for a general contracting company, and Elam, 48, of the 15500 block of South Drexel Avenue in Dolton, is a laborer, authorities said.

Police said Adams allegedly recruited Elam for the alleged crime.

Allow me to point out the number of uses of said (3)by the Tribune scribe as a paragraphic close -  well, said is the word well-said. Allegedly, of course.

It appears that the vetting process in the Obama Campaign takes a page from the mind of Clarence Page - It appears that our two cuffed and processed miscreant Marxists passed themselves off as business men.  They do have that Romneyesque quality of corporate person-hood, don't you think?  Real country club ( no, not Malt Liqour, you racist!) types, who wear straw boaters and white linen sack suits with collarless white cotton shirts as they croquet their way over the backs of workers.

Yep, Clarence says "If Romney really wants to give those low-income voters away, I'm sure Obama would be delighted to take them."

Now, these two 'pretended to be businesses men'' which begs the question - " Have Willard and Jesse paid taxes in recent years and are they in fact numbered among the 47% disdained by Romney and therefore embraced by Obama?  Hmmmm?

Were Willard and Jesse merely going home?  Finding the pantry stuffed and heaping board over-flowing with bounty to be taken by all within the warmth of the Obama 2012 hearth?

Home, Lads! Home.

If Clarence Page can find it within his heart to forgive himself for snatching a fee, but failing to cash it before Bruce Dold found out about it, I am quite sure that WBEZ can and will find a narrative to parse the motives and the actions of Willard and Jesse, the Obama 2012 Marx Brothers.

Redistribution - it's what's keeping you from dinner!,0,7185084.story,0,2597111.column

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