Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is 'What is On,' When My Love Asks, " What Are You Thinking Right Now?"

Make sense?

Women are from Venus and Men are . . . . . . I'm sorry, what were you asking?  Oh, we are very different.  The mind wanders, though purpose allows us to somehow unplug the sink, get that raise, change the tires, knock out that Jap machine gun nest on Hill 262 . . .sorry.

I am always asked by the elegant, graceful and thoughtful woman I love, " What is on your mind, right now?" Nothing lurid, My dear.

Women really, really, really want to know.  I try and and try to explain, "not much."

Usually it is stuff I need to do.  Women think deep, caring and beautiful thoughts.  Men?

Ladies, This is what is going on when we have that far-away look.  It is not, "how can I make this a better world, or ' Was I unkind to interrupt her thoughts with a suggestion that I actually followed what the hell she was saying?"

Nope.  Here's what's on the brain screen, Girls. This one gets replayed in my old brain pan a lot!

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