Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Huzzah! The Strike Ends! Okay.

Karen, you know what's coming and from whom -tic-tock;tic-tock . . .

The voucher bill failed because Republican legislators — and the weak-willed GOP leadership — caved to state teachers unions that fund Republican campaigns and viewed vouchers as a threat. But charter schools are ascendant. John Kass Chicago Tribune

Now, it is time to relect -

  • What's the over and under Jean Claude's time left on the job?
  • When will the next schools crisis demand another "march" ?
  • When will Rahm and Jesse Sharkey share a meal at Manny's Deli?
  • Where will the money come from to make the contract valid?
  • How's Pat Quinn?
  • When will parents get serious about School Reform? Vouchers.
  •  What's over and under on Karen Lewis' tenure as CTU President.
  • When does Jesse Sharkey make his move to purge Karen Lewis?
  • How's Pat Quinn these days?
  • When will the Illinois GOP become something other than Judy Barr Topinka's path to another job?
If you thought the CTU -CPS September Skunk and Coon fight was weird, stay tuned.

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