Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Why Did The Sun Times/BGA Drop the Cop Blog Beating Boast?

Andy Shaw with BGA investigator Godfrey "Mule" Nez de Rongeurs in happier times

“A racially charged blog that reportedly has wide readership among Chicago police officers ceased operations this week less than an hour after the Better Government Association visited a detective to ask whether he was the anonymous operator of the web site.” (Better Government Association)

Andy Shaw and the BGA tub-thumped its war on cops and working stiffs only a week ago.  After appearing to have bullied a cop-blog out of existence with threats and insinuations of "more to come" and publicly outing the suspect, Chicago Sun Times' BGA badge on its web edition posted a statement of victory by Bob Herguth, speaking for the now invisible Andy Shaw Boss of BGA.

The BGA is a non-profit non-partisan government watchdog that investigates public agencies and public employees, and often reveals findings in news stories.
The BGA decided to look into the blog’s operations because it appeared to be run by one or more Chicago cops and, until Wednesday, reportedly had a large following on the force. Among other things, the BGA wanted to see whether the blog was updated by officers on the clock, and whether hate-related speech was permitted within the police department, which has a long history of racial strife within its ranks and between white officers and minority members of the public (Sept.1, 2013)

As is my custom, I clicked on the Columnist site and read the iconic and the worthwhile daily readings.  I scrolled down to the BGA link and found that there was no longer the gleeful report by Bob Herguth that stated the intent of corruption buster Andy.

Andy Shaw jumped the shark.

Used to ambushing blue-collar workers on public salary, Andy knows that protestations from the victims of his rabbit traps are rare.

This time, he went against law enforcement officers from Chicago who tend to be very smart as well as a tad combative when spat upon.

In my opinion, Andy Shaw who never drew a politically uncompensated breath in his life, was tasked with trying to intimidate a Congressionally honored CPD vet on disability and violate the 1st Amendment Rights of all Americans, by Rahm or a Rahmbot with access to the 5th Floor.

Things seem to have gone south on Andy and he has gone to ground, at least until after the Obama Acceptance Speech tomorrow night.  Likewise, the Sun Times scrubbed itself of Andy's crow snack, which the cops will serve up with gusto and a side of pay-back.

Andy Shaw has national nepotism ventures ( Washington D.C.; New Orleans) that might just get scrubbed as well.

Lookee, H'yar' ain't nothin' thar!@

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