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Time Machine Set for 2013 A.D. : The Rev. Al Sharpton Jury Completes Deliberation


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NYC court testimony links Wyclef Jean and Rev. Al Sharpton to drug money

Posted: May 27, 2012 7:39 AM CDTUpdated: May 27, 2012 7:39 AM CDT
Source: New York Post
NEW YORK -- Wyclef Jean and the Rev. Al Sharpton benefited from money given to them by a suspected drug lord, according to court testimony in New York City.

James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond, a hip-hop mogul on trial in Brooklyn federal court for drug trafficking, money laundering and witness tampering, told an IRS agent about his interaction with the celebrities, according to testimony in Rosemond's trial.

"He said that he had given Wyclef Jean $60,000 in cash drug proceeds, as a loan," agent Marc Van Driessche testified.

Jean, a musician, self-proclaimed philanthropist and an ex-candidate for the Haitian presidency, did not know the money was tainted, Rosemond told the agent.

Rosemond said he gave money to Sharpton's National Action Network as a "donation or a contribution," according to Van Driessche.

Prosecutors asked the agent if Rosemond engaged in money laundering with Sharpton.

"I don't know if he denied it or said that he did. He just said that he gave him $10,000," Van Driessche said.

Sharpton said he did not remember the donation. Jean's representative did not return a call for comment.

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