Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Catholics - Are You as Important as Planned Parenthood? The Census Map Indicates that You Are

The blind Chinese Abortion Foe, Mr. Chen Guangcheng, is out of the news this week and the Obama White House could not be happier.

Chicago journalist Dennis Byrne accurately fingered the complicity of the American news media as agents  of Obama Change in his most recent Chicago Tribune column.

Interestingly, the administration is getting pummeled more for its "missteps" in the handling of Chen's flight to the American Embassy in Beijing than for its tolerance of forced abortions and sterilizations. Certainly Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clintonand theU.S. State Department can be judged adversely for the still not fully understood actions that resulted in Chen's return to China's dominion. It is a sad day for a nation that prides itself as a beacon of liberty. But the administration's bungling of the affair comes second to what amounts to its lip service — at best — condemnation of forced abortion and sterilization.
More appalling are population control adherents who obliquely suggest that China's one-child policy might be the correct one because "breeders" are condemning Earth to ultimate destruction. As if the way to control population growth is to control women. Chicago Tribune May7, 2012 (emphasis my own)

 The Media appropriated the Chen narrative and all but wholly ignored the fact that the lawyer-activist is a "dissident" because of the heroic stand against Red China's Abortion Mandate.  The Media did so in the same manner that it helped the ham-handed Obama White House in January and February.  The Obama HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius mandated that all institutions, especially the vast Catholic social service community, provide and pay for contraception and abortifacients, regardless of religious conviction and the basics of religious liberty. The media made this a War on Women and a "discussion" on contraception that begins and ends with " Well, everyone, including 99.9% of Catholics use birth control."   Planned Parenthood and DNC demand that Catholics obey and like it.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are Chen Guangcheng.  The Media have flooded the narrative pad with calumnies against Catholics and their leadership like "patriarchal, anti-woman, Old Boys, pedophile happy and complicit homophobic, racist  authoritarians."

Catholics can still vote.  In 2008, Catholics welcomed Barack Obama.  From January 2009 on, President Obama welcomed Catholics to abandon their faith and convictions at Georgetown University and University of Notre Dame, to the NLRB's stripping Catholic institutions of their religious identity and Obama's HHS Mandate.  He is only getting warmed up, Mackerel Snappers!  The Gay Marriage conversation has the dial set at 11 already.The Washington Post and James Carville are paying attention.

We wrote last week that Catholics may be the ultimate 2012 bellwether as they have bounced back in between the two parties over the past decade and, almost always, wound up voting for the winner.One of the main reasons that Catholics tend to function as an accurate election predictor is because there are large numbers of them in the upper Midwest, a traditional swing area between the two parties.
Here’s a map released last week from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census that details where across American Catholics live:

 The Obama White House is Catholic friendly only at Georgetown University, which dutifully yanked down the crucifix and other icons of its Catholic identity, Notre Dame University which rolled over like a vitamin deficient puppy and arrested septuagenarian priests and old folks who prayed the rosary, or the Al Smith Dinner where Vichy Catholics in tuxedos and stiff collars giggled when insulted by a President who has nothing but contempt for Catholics.

Catholics can vote.  Catholics can pretend again that Obama is their friend, or that he is misunderstood.  Catholics can also determine to defend their faith and liberty at the ballot box next November.,0,491999.column

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