Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catholic Church Forward!

Obama wants The Rock to evolve.  No wonder he has kept his academic records embargoed.  I dare say his Earth Science ( Rocks for Jocks and Heads of Blocks 101) grade might have been a Gentleman's D.  The Roman Catholic Church, even here in evolved America, was instituted by Christ to give us Grace.  Protestant Churches condemned contraception until 1930.

The Historic Christian Teaching
Few realize that up until 1930, all Protestant denominations agreed with the Catholic Church’s teaching condemning contraception as sinful. At its 1930 Lambeth Conference, the Anglican church, swayed by growing social pressure, announced that contraception would be allowed in some circumstances. Soon the Anglican church completely caved in, allowing contraception across the board. Since then, all other Protestant denominations have followed suit. Today, the Catholic Church alone proclaims the historic Christian position on contraception.
Evidence that contraception is in conflict with God’s laws comes from a variety of sources that will be examined in this tract. ( emphasis my own)

The Foundation built upon Rock should not cave-in, regardless of politicians, vast piles of cash and a secularist will to control history, personal liberty and thought itself.  Therefore, in response to the hubris of the Obama White House in its mandates to determine and define what is a religious institution, The Rock rolls.
The 12 lawsuits filed jointly Monday accuse the U.S. Departments of Labor, Treasury and Health and Human Services and their respective secretaries — Hilda Solis, Timothy Geithner and Kathleen Sebelius — of violating the Catholic Church's religious liberty by defining what qualifies as a religious institution and excluding schools, hospitals and charities from that definition.
"This lawsuit is about an unprecedented attack by the federal government on one of America's most cherished freedoms: the freedom to practice one's religion without government interference," said Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki, a trained lawyer and former auxiliary bishop in Chicago.
In February, the Obama administration offered a compromise that required insurance companies to cover the cost of any care, not religious employers. But many of the plaintiffs in the suits filed Monday argue that accommodation doesn't help because they self-insure. The government is still finalizing a regulation for self-insured groups.
Chicago's Cardinal Francis George indicated that the archdiocese's absence from Monday's lawsuits didn't signal satisfaction with that accommodation or less concern about the issue. In previous remarks, he has said the government's efforts amount to a "theft of identity."
"The Archdiocese of Chicago is obviously deeply concerned about preserving the Catholic identity of Catholic educational, health care and social service organizations," George said in a statement. "The Archdiocese therefore entirely supports the actions of the Catholic dioceses and organizations that have brought suit against the Department of Health and Human Services for violating the heretofore constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom of Catholic institutions."

The Rock rolls forward.  Obama is incapable of compromise, much less tolerance. because he is owned by Planned Parenthood, Abortion and the Dowager Class insistent upon a perpetuation of the Original Hate Crime -Abortion.  Gay Marriage is an adjunct of abortion, because acceptance of abortion is the fist in God's Face.  After that cave-in, anything is acceptable.

President Obama has been fully consistent with regard to Abortion. Planned Parenthood made him an Illinois State Senator, a United States Senator and Planned Parenthood's First and God willing the last Abortion President.

We shall see.


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