Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Obama's Evolving Teaching Maha-Kalpa

A teaching moment? Nay, an Obama-Kalpa!

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Illlinois U.S. Senator Barack H. Obama was asked about his decades long relationship with United Church of Christ Black Liberation Theologian and mentor Jeremiah Wright who not only 'Goddammed America and its KKK chickens coming home to roost, but all those  "Italians (who) for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans."

Despite this scholar's indifference to the fact that Romans, not Italians, occupied Galilee, as well as North Africa, Spain, Gaul, Britain, suburbs of Germany, and ever patch of dirt between Adriatic to the Euphrates and the folks who dwelt upon them, candidate Barack Obama offered the first in an endless belt  of teaching moments, interrupted only by his inauguration and a beer summit. On St. Paddy's Day 2008, Senator Obama taught America about Race.  He did not address  the fact that he sat enraptured by the lessons of Pastor Wright, but told America it has much to learn.  That was a teaching moment = The Alpha!  Swami Obama was elected President.  This President has done more explaining of his words and deeds than the hero of Ring Lardner's baseball novella Alibi Ike.

This has not been an administration, but an evolutionary epoch - a veritable Maha-Kalpa (Sanskrit) - fellow garlic eaters the Greeks termed it an aeon. Obama-Kalpa , like the Buddhist and Confusion measurements of time, holds mysteries to our collective American malaise.

Americans are fat
Americans are bullies
Americans are cowards
Americans are stingy
Americans are clingy
Americans are unevolved Breeders and homophobes - watch Will and Grace
Americans are suspicious of foreigners who live with American benefits and rights
Americans do not understand Fast and Furious
Americans are in intolerant of Acorns
Americans are intolerant of Desiree Rogers, Van Jones, Anita Dunn and the EPA
Catholics make war on women
Blind Chinamen can't make themselves understood to Planned Parenthood's State Department
A Mandate is a Compromise
The Economy was inherited, unless you like it
The Economy is improving
Unemployment is all a figment of FOX TV propaganda
Egypt is just like Topeka
North Korea and Iran just need a hug
The Dude wore Brut and Sarong - Playuh! Long-legged Mack-Daddy!
Putin is waiting for more Presidential Flexibility
If your thigh don't tingle, well, don't ask to mingle!
I* . . .am Soooooo . . .In Love With You . . .
"I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go." -Think about it! 
Merry Holidays

President Obama does not explain; he teaches; he evolves. 

Obama-Kalpa will tell you what is the issue:

Read Joe Biden's lips - Gay Marriage is a BFD and Romney is a Mormon and he is very comfortable with that . . . you the Red Chinese abortions and that gay thing, not Mormons. 

It's Gay Marriage Stupid and You ARE a Fat Bully Racist if you think President Obama needs to explain why carpenters, cement workers and back-hoe operators have not had work since Howie Do It (NBC) and Homeland Security USA ( ABC) were cancelled.

Here is all you need to know -

Catholics War on Women
Breeders are Fat and killing our planet
Gay Marriage Needs more Evolutionary Teaching
99% of you are Obama's Peeps - but that number is subject to change
The Economy was the worst since Pepsident and Ipana were big selling toothpastes
The Congress and Supreme Courts need to Go.
Don't Ask who plays for the Chicago White Sox

Ask yourselves, pearl onion, olive, or a twist?

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