Monday, May 07, 2012

France - A Preview of Obama Deuxième

The new president is expected to be sworn in on May 15. Hollande will travel to Berlin shortly thereafter to challengeGermany's focus on austerity policies and press new ideas for stimulating growth as fears about the euro zone's debt crisis resurface following an inconclusive election in Greece.  - Reuters 4:36 a.m. CDTMay 7, 2012

From May 15th, when Frankie Hollande is sworn in as Frog One, until you punch a hole in the ballot for President on November 6th, France will show you exactly what an Obama Second Term will look like.

Here is just a taste -  "In every capital, beyond the heads of state and government, there are people who have found hope thanks to us, who are looking to us and want to put an end to austerity." 

Put on them eatin' pants! We are investin' up a storm!  No, those are my words translated from the Foucaultian French. Monsewer Hollande's economic adviser cautioned exuberant cafe sitters, students and brooding intellectuals that the new team was not coming in to power to 'hand out money' (Reuters). 

Not just yet, anyway.  The new leftist government will be required to go to Berlin and guilt the Germans into a bailout Everyone! Frankie Hollande won by trashing not only the flamboyant Sarkozy, but also Frau Merkel.  Frankie Hollande, Mr. Normal, was less than courtois  with regard to Frau Merkel. Not only that the conservative party that undermined the moderate Sarkozy led by The Front National (FN) of Mme. Le Pen was tagged as  ensacheuses de thé mob of 'designer fascists' racists, anti-Woman Catholics, and country bumpkins.

Francois Hollande's government is secularist, abortion friendly, illegal immigrant happy, and tax daffy.  President Obama finally has a kindred spirit on the World Stage - for a couple of months any, as French Governments go quicker than a mooch's memory.

Like the Obama Hollywood Regime, the Socialists in France gut-stab their enemies from behind.  Then try to make it seem to be a high-minded activity.  Here in Chicago, in the coming two weeks we will get a look at French Socialism. President Francios Hollande will come to Chicago on May 20th along with the anachists, faux-labor activists, goofs, and tire fire addicts joining local fruit-cake Andy Thayer's March.

French just blew off there toes electing a government as stupidly backward as old Leon Blum's.  I am reminded of the 1936 Leon Blum victory from William Schirer's  Collapse of the Third Republic.    Blum was an MSNBC dream.  He increased wages, cut work hours, gave everyone a two week paid vacation, increased public service union membership from 1 million to 5 million members and France welcomed Hitler to Paris four years later

France now is a preview of an Obama Second Term.

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