Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gay President Demands Style Power/Power Style

“You can be stylish and powerful, too. That's Michelle’s advice.” President Barack Obama, 1st Abortion & Gay President

If Gay Catholic Conservative Newsweek writer Andrew Sullivan's father were gay, he might look like President Obama, but Sullivan Père  is not and does not. I shouldn't think not.

As powerful and stylish and stylishly powerful as President Obama might be, he can not alter the fact that Pops Sullivan and Mrs. Sullivan went halves on a baby named Andrew who was natured or nurtured to be homosexual in his sexual preferences and proclivities. Style means much and power means more to Andrew Sullivan and even hetero-Obama cheerleaders like David " Sharp Britches" Brooks and the Obama White House.

The power of style is the style power in Washington D.C. and Beyond the Beltway and on the Run Way! Hope and Change is Style Power and Power Style. Style means fashion, all the rage, sine qua non, pouty strutting shoulder heaves - Get Out My Way! That is Power baby!
Power differs wildly from authority ( potens v. auctoritas) - Power ( potens) means the ability to affect behavior with or without any resistance - Mandate Style! Authority ( auctoritas) is "often used for power perceived as legitimate by the social structure - Substance - the thing absent from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

However, even Style conscious Power Puppies like David Brooks seem even more impotent than the President:

David Brooks, a New York Times columnist who is quite taken with Obama, writes in today’s paper that while Americans think Obama is doing a bad job on the economy and that the country is off track, Obama stands a good chance of being re-elected because of his demeanor: an “ESPN” brand of post-modern machismo cool.
When Obama supporters like Brooks make argument like these, they are engaged in willful self-deception.
There has been nothing very cool about the past 7 weeks for Obama. The president has twisted himself into a policy and rhetorical pretzel to win the support and money he needs from the members of the Democratic coalition.

The 2008 Coalition of the Willing seems to be falling apart.  Though he commands The View, President Obama can not see past his celestial pointed snout. Planned Parenthood, SEIU, Gay America and MSNBC will continue their solid investment in Style Power, but I think President Power Style has jumped the catfish (pl.N.)

President and Channel Cats of The View

President Obama has Star Power, Style Power, but lacks every bit Authority needed in a President.  The long daydream is yawning awake and the Childe Barry of Our Dreams appears more as a shabby, petulant narcissistic poser than he perhaps actually might be - not far amiss though.

President Obama and America really need to have Barack Obama getting busy with his Presidential Library as quick as the Constitution allows.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/15/alarm-grows-among-dems-about-obamas-chances/#ixzz1uxINAFvp

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