Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Planned Parenthood & NOW Will Not Allow Obama to Speak for Chen

Chen Guangcheng with his wife and baby.

A blind man sees more than an election.  A blind man sees more than polls and PAC dollars, Hollywood bundlers, and the New York Times.  A blind man sees Life.

A blind man will dangle in China because there is absolutely no way the Dowagers who operate America's abortion mills and buy politicians like Louis Vutton accessories are going to allow their White House to do anything to help the blind Chinese hero who sought sanctuary in the U.S. Embassy after fighting Planned Parenthood's model government in Red China.

This man is destined to be collateral damage in the Progressive War on Life.  President Obama chose sides years ago right here in Illinois, which is not yet as Progressive as Red China.

President Obama is Planned Parenthood's investment in government.  They paid cash money money to help bring this compliant and wildly ambitious man into the White House.  Get ready for every excuse short of Kathleen Sebelius is busy.

Chen Guangcheng will dangle.

Chen Guangcheng is a heroic man:

A blind, self-educated lawyer who brought down the wrath of Chinese security agencies by campaigning against forced abortions and sterilizations, he spent four years in prison and additional time under house arrest. That ended when he managed to escape under cover of darkness and, with help from confederates, made his way to Beijing, more than 300 miles away. He then reportedly went to theU.S. Embassy and was granted shelter. . . .Most gruesome is family planning agencies' practice of dragging pregnant women out of their homes to have their fetuses destroyed, as part of the government's long-standing one-child policy. Forced abortions have occurred as late as nine months into a pregnancy.

The victims may also have IUDs inserted without their consent to prevent future pregnancies. The advocacy group All Girls Allowed says these atrocities help explain why China is the only nation on Earth where women are more likely to commit suicide than are men.

Chen's crime was to publicize this savagery by filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of women subjected to it. He was jailed for more than four years for "disturbing public order" and upon his release, he and his family were placed under strict house arrest, deprived of visitors.

Given this record, it would be unconscionable for President Barack Obama to agree to surrender Chen to the Chinese without ironclad guarantees of his (and his family's) freedom and safety — assurances that the Chinese would be loath to give. Chen, for his part, is said to prefer to stay in China.

He'll stay to be sure.

Hilary Clinton and Tim Geitner are in Red China to ask for more loans in order to "invest" here at home.  The Obama White House owes Planned Parenthood and takes loans from the Progressive Red Chinese.

President Obama can order the Navy Seals to take out Bin Laden, but he will dance to Planned Parenthood's symphony of slaughter.

President Obama is a celebrity, but no hero.

Mr. Chen Guangcheng has more balls than a bowling alley; President Obama can't bowl.

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