Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doing NATO? Avail Yourself of Public Transportation

The wholesome exchange unreported by WGN: 
CPD Public Servant (CPS)- "Quo Vadis, Young Traveller?"

Later Day Childe of God( LDG) -" @#$% You! It's The Peoples Street!"

CPS - "Why no, Son, this is State Street. How Far you goin?"

LDG- "@#$%ing Tool of Pig Establishment! We are Goin to Revolution!"

CPS - "(avuncular chuckle) "My dear lad that is a fur piece as they say! Oh, deer! Deer, deer, deer, well. . .Hop on and God Speed!"

Do avail yourself of public transportation

or the time honored and free-spirted Hitchin'of a Ride!

I hope the ACLU, National Lawyers Guild and Peoples Law Office avail themselves of such conveyances.

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